Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Our extremely kind neighbours are letting us borrow their internet for a few days until ours is up and running so I can finally catch up with everything I have missed!

Firstly, my guest post over at Life of a Sweetaholic went up yesterday so if you like you can read that here! Thanks so much to Rachel for letting me do it! :)

Second, I have finally got the questionnaire ready for all you lovely guest posters so I will have that emailed to you all later today! I hope you like it!

As far as adopting academic kids is going, it's harder than I thought....but more on that later!

Love to you all! ♥



  1. thats so nice of them :) your so lucky to know people like that!i'd be like you. i could not live without my internet!:( ♥

  2. It only stretches to one room though and I keep forgetting! Hopefully ours will start working tomorrow! xxx


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