Thursday, 20 October 2011

30. What changed this month and what you hope will happen next month

This month I think quite a lot has changed, I've got fully into the swing of uni and I'm now knee deep in work and it's steadily climbing! I've definitely come a lot more out of my shell this month too, trying to take part in extra curricular activities and do things I wouldn't normally bother to do. I've made a few new friends on my course this way and I'm now an active member of the PsychSoc which is really fun and exciting.

I have now got two lovely academic daughters, which is really cool and a lot of fun. It's weird have some small amount of responsibility for these girls who often look up to me and rely on me to help them find their feet this year. They're the same age as my younger sister too, so hanging out with them often makes me feel a little better when I'm missing my sisters company!

Next month I'm hoping to continue all of the good things I've been doing this month as well as having gotten through the back log of reading that I have to do and have the majority of my essay written, as well as having chosen a topic for my review essay.

Reading week is coming up which means I get to go home for a week so I'm really looking forward to that as well as the Halloween party that's planned at my house here at uni.

I'm also really hoping that I can find a job or some volunteer work within the next month so I can get something useful on my CV.

Busy, busy, busy ;)



  1. I love that thing always do change :)
    its great your experiencing new things, and it must be such a fun responsibilty having someone looking upto you, no doubt your keeping them on there feet,

    can't wait to see your halloween outfit :)

  2. :) Having daughters is so cool, although one of mine is a heavy drinker and I can't keep up with her!! :D It's like having two new little sisters to look after!

    I am SO excited for halloween! I can't wait to see pics from your party too!! xxxx


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