Thursday, 6 October 2011

Farmers Market

At the weekend Tony and I popped over to the St Andrews Farmers Market, which I've been meaning to go to since I started uni here! It comes once a month and I'll definitely be going back next time! I picked up some delicious stuffed olives, garlic infused cheese, fresh eggs, homemade chocolate and strawberry lipbalms (which are awesome!) and some special white hot chocolate pellets! All of the stuff at the market comes from local people and farms. They were even smoking fish hung on racks in a giant wooden bucket! It smelled so good. The eggs were amazing too, I've never seen yolk so orange and gooey!

I think it's really important to support local produce, so next time I'm going to buy some meat and fish. I don't think I've ever eaten fresh fish from St Andrews which is crazy since we're on the coast! They also had some really nice pottery and jewellery made locally - maybe if I find something I really love I can use it for my next giveaway!

Have you ever been to a local farmers market or craft fayre? ♥



  1. Farmers markets are brilliant, I love the eggs you get!!
    I haven't been to one for many years now, but I do like the market we get at Christmas where there are so many stores from all across the world :)xxxx

  2. I used to live round the corner from a farm, and the eggs from there were amazing, beat the supermarket one's by far :)
    i wish i had a market like tis near me, i sometimes buy organic veg?
    what are stuffed olives?i always see them and wonder what they are?
    Are they anything like the black olives?

  3. Yes! I love Christmas markets. The one in Manchester is super famous and I go ever year I totally love it! x

  4. I wish I'd bought some more of the eggs now, we ran out pretty fast and I have to wait 3 weeks :(

    I prefer green olives to black ones, but they basically take the pip out of the middle and stuff things in the hole. The usual ones you get are pimento (I think it's a little sliver of red pepper inside), I've also had them stuffed with feta and garlic, but these were stuffed with anchovies. I hate anchovies but these were really nice to snack on :) xxx

  5. I don't think I've ever been to a farmers market, but I've been to Christmas ones. And we have a little food and jewellery market in town every Saturday, that's the closest we've ever got but I'm nowhere near the sea.
    Totally off topic... You go St Andrews uni, I met a couple of people on the cruise who go there and I thought I'd tell you that completely pointless fact :) xxx

  6. I wish we had a weekly market! I love visiting random markets and craft fairs, but St Andrews is in the middle of nowhere so it takes a whole days effort to go somewhere!

    That's cool that you met some people! What were their names I might know them, this is a super small town!! :) xxx


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