Saturday, 8 October 2011

New Feature: Geeky Game Corner

Since I'm a huge video gamer I've been trying to think of ways that I can write about my love without boring all of you guys half to death! I know girls and video games don't usually go together :)

I've come up with a new feature where once a week I'll do a short post on what I'm loving or playing that week (and yep - there's usually something new every week).

Look out for that on Wednesdays if you're a girl gamer like me, whether you're all out there or in denial ;) you can get your little fix here!  ♥



  1. This sounds like a good feature, looking forward to seeing it. I'm always playing games on my phone and have random sessions on my DS :) xxx

  2. So, I originally found your blog through another blogger participating in your blog hop, but to discover that there is another girl on the planet who likes girly stuff like nails AND likes video games totally blows me away. I love video games! I play xbox like a madwoman during breaks from school. It's so nice to see another girl admit she does this stuff. :)


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