Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Geeky Game Corner: Dead Island PS3

What I'm playing: This week I'm going to do a short review of Dead Island, which is a sort of zombie apocalypse themed game. It was released on Sept 9, 2011 and Tony and I just completed it last week. It's an open world, role-playing game, so you start by choosing a character, each has slightly different traits and abilities and then you're let loose to go where you please.

The story: So you've gone on holiday to a nice resort on an island called Banoi. You're out at a party getting drunk one night and when you wake up (horribly hungover) in the morning there are zombies running rampant, you have no idea what happened and there are only a few survivors left! It's your job to find out what on Earth happened and to try and survive/escape. You soon discover that somehow you and a small number of others are immune to the zombies bites... how convenient. You can, of course, still die by being beaten up though! You make your way, gruesomely slaughtering zombies with various ridiculous weapons, out of the resort, to the nearby city and further... I won't give away too much!

Verdict: Dead Island is a lot of fun, open world games are definitely my favourite and there's lots of things to search in (like suitcases, boxes etc) and collect things which is another thing I love doing. The main story as you play through the game is a lot of fun and very engaging, as are the side quests which are usually aimed at you helping other survivors. The gruesomeness was a bit surprising at first and actually made me feel slightly nauseous! There are a few glitches when playing, like the occasional screen freeze or slow rendering environment, but overall it's not too bad. The zombies are really scary at times so I recommend this game is played with the lights on!

Rating: ****- (4/5)

Have you played Dead Island? :)

**N.B. I am completely a PS3 girl so the majority of games I review or talk about will be for this console but I do also have a 3DS and of course a computer so I will try my best to keep a good mix of games!**

Is there a particular game you'd like to see me review? Please let me know as I'd love to write about what interests you guys too! :)



  1. Victoria Prattley12 October 2011 at 18:36

    Lego Harry Potter!!! Or Pirates of the Caribbean... Oooh or the Sims pets when it comes out! Can't wait!

  2. Ooh I shall have to get this for the boy, sounds like his kind of thing!
    I'm really into those silly hidden object games for the computer at the minute lol. Seriously addicted!
    Love this new feature by the way xxx

  3. I went on a spree playing those a few months ago. They always have deals on them in the game stores, like 3 for £10 etc so I buy loads and play them through. Can't get enough of hidden object games!!! :D xxxx

  4. After reading this I was curious and then I found that Tobuscus on youtube is doing a Lets Play of it. Watched a few episodes and I'm not sure how you didn't have a nervous breakdown while playing it!! Haha I'm one of those people who panics in games when things just jump out and run at you.


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