Thursday, 27 October 2011

In the Highlands

I recently took a class trip to the Scottish Highlands to spend the weekend getting to know everyone.

I was very very hungover the day we drove up because I'd taken my academic daughters out the night before :( But we had a really good first day, we ate some yummy food and got a bit tipsy with our lecturers. Hair of the dog that bit you and all that... :P

We went for a beautiful walk on the second day and I took some lovely photos of the Highlands!



  1. Such beautoful photos :) xxx

  2. Thanks hun, though it doesn't do the Highland justice! You should definitely do a romantic getaway there with Liam, it's lovely! :) xxx

  3. These piccies are lovely :)
    i love beautiful scenery, you make me want to go even more hehe!


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