Friday, 28 October 2011

Nail Polish Remover Pads

Before I get stuck in to my double whammy awesome NOTW I want to talk about these lovely polish remover pads my sister came across in New Look.
It's a really small and cute pot so it's perfect for travelling or popping into your handbag just in case.

I usually hate these things because they make my hands feel weird, smell weird and taste horrible whenever I eat food with my hands for the rest of the day. I prefer to stick to proper acetone remover.

BUT, these are delightful! They smell lovely of Jasmine and they leave your fingers feeling all soft and moisturised after use, plus they're good at really getting into all the little nooks! I was taking off that gold glitter from last week and was really surprised how easily it removed, especially knowing how notoriously stubborn glitters are!

Have you tried these? ♥


  1. I haven't tried these as the nail varnish remover pads that I seem to buy never work so I just use the old cotton pad and nail varnish remover, but these seem like they are doing the job, might have to try these now you have recommended my lovely!! xxx

  2. Yeah the ones I've used before took ages to get the polish off and I ended up with the colours stained all over my fingers, the edges all stuck with polish plus the smell and stuff. I was really surprised about these. They're small, but I managed to get a whole hand done with just one pad. :) x


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