Friday, 28 October 2011

NOTW - Models Own Thunder and Lightening (NP115) & Pink Fizz (NP009)

This week I have my lovely sister as a model so I have not just one but two Models Own NOTW to show you!
First up here's Thunder and Lightening. I am completely in love with this colour. 

You can clearly see from the picture how gorgeous and sparkly it is. When I look into the bottle it looks like a whole universe is trapped in there! The colour of the glitters is more subtle in real life, with more silver, but you definitely see lots of sparkles of rainbow colour.

I have just one bone to pick with this one - it takes a lot of coats. The base is a very watery black, you can see two coats in the picture, but I went ahead and applied another thicker coat afterwards because I still wasn't happy with it.
Close up of the sparkles. Isn't it gorgeous.

Next up it's the equally lovely Pink Fizz. This one is more of a glitter than an actual polish. The base is basically clear with a slight pink tint to it and the glitter is silvery pink.

Overall I was actually quite disappointed with this one. It's very gloopy and I found myself dabbing and globbing the paint onto her nails, rather than actually painting them with the brush. The good thing I suppose is that it only requires one "coat" to get the desired effect.

I have a feeling this one would be better off used as a glitter topcoat.
Here's a close up. *Please excuse my sister's ratty cuticles, she's stubborn and refuses to look after them because in her opinion they look stupid when you push them back :/

Have you tried either of these colours? ♥


  1. WOW I love the Thunder and Lightening, I don't think I have ever seen it before so thank you for showing me something new :) It really is a gorgeous colour!! Oooh and I see what you mean with the Pink Fizz, might be giving that one a bit of a miss!! xxx

  2. I've been waiting to wear it for so long but I wanted to save it for Halloween weekend! I think it fits the theme nicely :D x

  3. Victoria Prattley28 October 2011 at 15:21

    Thunder and lightning looks lovely!!! If you're still not happy with maybe just try it as a top coat over plain black nail polish? :)

  4. I love Models Own varnishes!!! xxx

  5. Thunder and Lightning is a beaut! Might have to pick that up! Love it! xx

  6. I have a black from Model's own so I might do that next week :) x

  7. I'm sitting here watching it sparkle hehe :P xxxx


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