Saturday, 29 October 2011

Weekend Plans

Hello my dears! What fun stuff is everyone getting up to this weekend for Halloween?!

I've got a pretty good weekend coming up:

Today I'm busy busy cleaning up the entire house in time for our very first house party tonight!! We're really excited, and totally nervous about how our cream carpets are going to turn out by the end of the night!
Tony went totally mad online buying Halloween decorations so after the house is all tidy we'll be putting up the decor. I'll be sure to take some pics so you can see! Next, we'll be making some punch called Sewer Water! It's look super gross, but tastes yum! I'll do a recipe for that once it's all done too. Then, we'll be carving the two pumpkins we bought from Tesco yesterday (anyone got any ideas for us?!), getting into our outfits and finally enjoy the party later tonight! I won't forget to show you my spooky gross ice cubes too :P

Tomorrow, my sister is leaving :( I have to drop her at the bus station pretty early in the morning, which means I have to be good at the party tonight! Then unfortunately it'll be time to get some work done and of course tackle cleaning up the party aftermath!



  1. Have fun! :)


  2. It sounds like you have an amazing weekend planned, shame about your sister going but at least you have had a super fun time together :) xxxx


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