Sunday, 6 November 2011

Alton Towers Bonfire Night

Hello lovelies! Boy, have I had a hectic few days.

On Friday I woke up super early to pack and then set off on my 5 hour drive home. I got home, snarfed down some yummy home cooked food (I've missed it!) and then dropped a friend off at the train station before returning to collapse in my wonderful bed.

Saturday saw another early, early wake up. We headed down to Alton Towers to spend the day on the rides and then enjoy fireworks and night rides later on. The day was really, really fun and the fireworks were totally amazing! We managed one night ride before they all closed and that was TH13TEEN - I can safely say it was worth the wait, what a wicked ride!! We arrived home just after midnight and I was absolutely exhausted, I ran straight up to bed.
Today, I woke up with a horrible migraine and spent the day curled up feeling sorry for myself. I started to feel better after my dinner and a few cups of tea so I caught up with last nights XFactor and settled down to watch the results show, which was totally shocking!!!

I suddenly realised I forgot to do my Geeky Game Corner on Wednesday and I'm feeling sorry for myself having written so little on my blog this weekend :( But I'll be back tomorrow with a new Be My Guest post and hopefully I'll be getting to work on my darn essay!

How has your weekend been? ♥