Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Be My Guest: Lauren from Belle du Brighton!

Lauren from Belle du Brighton

Tell us about yourself:
My name's Lauren of Belle du Brighton, and I'm from Brighton obviously! I work full time in a fairly stressful job running a hotel. I wish I could share some of the stories about what people get up to and the trouble they make, but it wouldn't be very professional! When I'm not working I'm either reading (Books or blogs!) or baking. I find baking is an amazing way to unwind, and I take things that I cook into work, which always goes down well! I got engaged this past summer, so am trying to plan a Wedding with a budget that is fairly non existent at the moment (need a lottery win really!)

Things I love: Spending time with friends & meeting new people, exploring new places, trashy TV series (90210, GG etc) a book you can't put down, shopping & make-up, new music recommendations.

Things I loathe: unnecessary text speak (u no wot I mean ryt?), people who are fake, really hot weather, rude people, mushrooms & fish, people who walk slowly in the middle of the pavement!

A random/interesting fact about yourself:
My Great-granddad wrote the Irish national anthem "The Soldiers Song" in 1908.

Tell us about your blog:
I decided to start writing my own blog, Belle du Brighton, after about a year and a half of reading other peoples (it started with a few and then grew and grew as I discovered more and more amazing reads) A few months back my job recently became a bit more stressful, and I decided I needed something else to focus on out side of work, that I was in complete control of, with no time constraints. So far I have no plans to blog to a schedule, but I have vague plans to do an outfit post a week (providing I've worn something worth taking a picture of, I'm a PJs right after work girl in general!) I also post about things that I bake & cook, where I go and some makeup related posts too. 

What do you love the most about blogging?:
The absolute best thing is meeting new people who I would never have crossed paths with before. Before I started actively commenting/tweeting people I thought it would be really hard to make friends and communicate with people, but people are friendly and open. This year I'm taking part in a bloggers Secret Santa, and have just started doing a Photo Scavenger hunt post monthly, so I'm meeting new people through these things, as well as (if work doesn't get in the way!) going to a Southern Bloggers Meet up in December!

Tell us about/show us your favourite thing:

This was such a difficult question, I reckon that if I had a pet, he or she would be my favourite thing, so in absence (for the moment!) I would have to say that my favourite thing is my Bed! Its amazingly comfy and I could sleep for hours in it! For years I had a horrible thin mattress, so this gloriously comfy king size bed is an absolute dream!

List your 4 fav blogs/websites:

Katy - Caught up in Cake - some really inspirational outfits, and she is honest and lovely!
Hello Giggles - a website for women run by Zooey Deschanel, it has lots of different sections and is updated daily (I love this website - good choice!!)

Pinterest - I use this mainly for gathering wedding inspiration pictures, but will start to use it a whole lot more!
Beautys Bad Habit - is one of my favourite make up blogs, Lily has amazing skills and creates some stunning designs!

And I just want to say an absolutely HUGE thanks to Rachael for giving me a tiny little piece of her amazing blog!

You are absolutely welcome Lauren, thank you so much for taking part!

If you would like to take part in this guest blogging feature I would be over the moon to have you! Simply send a quick email to rachie_cxx(at)hotmail(dot)com with the title Be My Guest and I'll get back to you asap! ♥