Saturday, 12 November 2011

Beauty Tips & Tricks with Tiffeny

Hey lovelies! I'm taking a well earned five minutes rest from my work, I think I deserve since I've been really good - I've only checked twitter once!

Before I head back into the depths of my essay I'd like to introduce you all to the lovely Tiffeny from Just Tiffeny who was written a really great post to share with you all! ♥

Beauty Tips & Tricks with Tiffeny
These are some of my favourite tips & tricks that really do work!

To help eliminate dark circles simply apply haemorrhoid cream to the under eye area - All the models use this trick!
To reduce dark circles simply apply teabags (once they've cooled obv) to the offending areas and leave for 20 minutes. Remove the teabags and check out your refreshed peepers!
For perfect lips trace lip edges with lipliner, taking the line slightly above the upper lip, for that hollywood starlet pout and then sweep on your favourite lipstick. Finish with some lipcote and you're good to go!
Take an empty nail polish bottle & some different varnishes and try mixing the colours. See what fabulous new shade you can come up with and be the only one wearing it! Below is one I created :)
For a cheap body scrub simply mix some sugar with baby oil, add an essential oil of your choice and mix well. Don't forget your loofah!
Ran out of shaving gel? No problem! Reach for the hair conditioner or johnsons baby oil for a great alternative & oh so smooth legs!
When removing nail polish take a cotton pad with remover on it & press onto the nail for 5 seconds. Wipe the nail with the pad in an upward movement. This will make taking nail varnish off a lot easier and is more gentle on your nails.

What tips & tricks do you swear by? Let me know!

Thanks Tiffeny! What a great list, I might even try a few of these myself - I think I'm going to need the teabag trick after all my late nights writing this essay! :)

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