Monday, 7 November 2011

Comment Luv

Anyone who has commented on a post over the last few days may have noticed my new commenting system. I decided to get rid of Disqus because it was almost impossible for me to know who was posting and I could never find the blogs of you lovely people :)

I'm now using Intense Debate, similar to Disqus it lets me reply to your comments individually but my favourite thing of all is the Comment Luv add-on.

When you write a comment, if you type your URL in the box below the post and click the check box next to Comment Luv it will show a link to your latest blog post under your comment!
A perfect way for me to be linked back to your blogs whilst also creating a great way of you getting more visitors! It's win-win for everyone!

Share the Comment Luv with me :) ♥