Friday, 4 November 2011

NOTW - Models Own Beetlejuice Pinky Brown

I was very excited to wake up to this outside my door this morning! My Models Own Beetlejuice collection finally arrived. The whole set of 5 polishes cost me £18 and I also received a free kohl pencil because it was my first order.

It was really hard to decide which of this collection to try first, I know that Pinky Brown sold out fastest so I'm trying that one out this week :)
It's impossible to showcase how lovely the colours are in this polish without a couple of photos, so I've tried to take them all at different angles.
The little lumps on my nails are not the polish - I had to remove the Thunder and Lightening with tissue and remover instead of nice cotton wool pads because I've run out. It wasn't an easy job and it made the surface of my nails go all bobbly in some places. The nail polish actually has a really nice smooth finish!
Isn't it just beautiful! I can definitely see why this one has sold out! I am completely in love with it at the moment, it reminds me a lot of the colour of autumn leaves.

I do have just one criticism though, the forumla is a tiny bit gloopy, so it was difficult to paint on without making mess. I think I can let that slide though, the shimmer and colour gradient more than makes up for it! I can't wait to try the next one!

Just one more picture.... :)

I'm going to make a poll so you guys can decide which colour you'd like me to wear next week, so please vote! ♥