Saturday, 19 November 2011

Raisin Weekend

It's going to be a little quiet on my end this weekend because it's Raisin Weekend here in St Andrews. Traditionally all 3rd years adopt 1st years as their academic children. I have two beautiful daughters and a son!

It all starts with Raisin Sunday tomorrow. My kids will come over at about 10am and it's basically my job to entertain them until late afternoon when they head over to their dads. I've lots of great stuff planned like  a scavenger hunt around town, pass the parcel with dares and, of course, many many many drinking games!

On Raisin Monday the kids have to come to my house really early so I can give them a hangover cure breakfast and dress them up in a silly outfit (that I've been busy making all day!). Then they head over to their dads to pick up their Raisin receipt - which allows them into St Sallies Quad. They get into the Quad and the hugest foam fight EVER commences between all of the first years :D
Here's a sneaky preview of my kids outfits... can you guess it??
It's a huge tradition here, I know it sounds a bit mad (and it definitely is!) but it's a lot of fun and it's so great helping freshers find their feet in the first year and they end up your friends for life!

I promise lots of photos for you - same as any other proud Mummy I'm going to be following my kids around all weekend capturing all of the hilarious and, most importantly, the embarrassing things they do!