Thursday, 3 November 2011

River Island Winter Warmer

I absolutely cannot say no to a good wooly jumper, especially now it's getting colder. I'm a big fan of my pinks at the minute, so I couldn't resist buying this in River Island just last week!
Snuggly Warm ♥
I also had a cheeky look in H&M and picked up some of their lipgloss, it was £1.99 so I couldn't really say no. I tried to photograph it on my lips, but they just aren't photogenic at all, so I've swatched it on my hand. I hope you can see the difference!
I looks really nice on, and getting two colours for such a cheap price I really can't complain! I thought they might be all sticky and gross too but the consistency isn't bad for the price! :) ♥


  1. I want that jumper! xx

  2. They have it in a few other colours! It's like £30-35 can't quite remember xxxx

  3. Oh my god I love that, I actually want to go and buy it, how much was it? x

  4. I think it was around £30 maybe a few pounds more or less, I can't quite remember! I do remember they also have it in beige and maybe black :) Should def still be there I only bought it a few weeks ago. They had a much nicer thicker one for closer to £50 but I couldn't justify spending that much :( xxxx


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