Sunday, 18 December 2011

Alex Day - Forever Day!

If any of you guys are big YouTube fans you may have heard of this super cute and quirky, witty, nutty guy called Alex Day who makes hilarious videos and brilliant music!
Alex is on a bit of a mission this week because he'd really like his song Forever Yours to get to Christmas No.1! It's a really great song and all proceeds will be going to charity, which is just amazing and perfectly captures what Christmas is all about in my opinion! :)
Forever Yours is currently at Number 4 at the time of writing!!! If you would like to support a brilliant cause please go and buy a copy of Forever Yours on iTunes now! It's only £0.79!

You can purchase it on iTunes here

If you've bought it go tell Alex about it on:
Email (Forward a copy of your iTunes receipt and he'll send you a button!)