Saturday, 10 December 2011

Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

On the same day I had my first LUSH experience I also fell victim (a very happy victim!) to an offer in Body Shop. A nice lady was standing outside the shop and gave me a splodge of the hand cream to try.

I don't particularly have dry hands but I'm a huge supporter of the use of hemp in products so I was immediately interested.

If you didn't know hemp is part of the same plant family as marijuana but doesn't produce any effects when smoked so it's use cannot be disputed. It is however amazing how many uses hemp does have - foods, building material, plastic, paper, jewellery, fabric, fuel amongst many others. As well as being able to create all of these things from the same plant it is one of the fastest growing plants that can be regularly cultivated resulting in a cheap, large and constant supply. Hemp could literally revolutionise the world and help alleviate poverty - the only thing stopping it from becoming mainstream is large corrupt corporations who feel threatened because hemp would make cotton and other traditional money making staple products completely unnecessary!

Sorry rant over. It's something I feel really strongly about.

I was instantly impressed with this product. It made me hands feel SO soft and they stayed soft overnight too. You only need a little and the tube is relatively large so I know this is going to last me a long time. On the bottle it says it is aimed for people with very dry skin - I'll have to get my dad to try it out when I go home for Christmas because he has proper builders hands :)

At £5 this was a total steal too, it was a half price promotion so it's usual price is £10 but I'd still say it's worth it. It smells a bit, well, hemp-y... if you've ever had hemp jewellery it smells just like that, which I don't mind but I have a feeling some won't like the smell too much.

Have you tried this hand cream? ♥