Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A little LUSH treat

I think I might be having the busiest week of my life, but I'm staying positive because I know there's only a week and a half to go before I'm home for Christmas. Opening up day 7 of my advent calendar this morning made me realise just how fast Christmas is approaching! I can't believe we're a whole week into December already!

A few weeks ago I had my first proper LUSH experience and I picked up a few bits and pieces. They've proven invaluable over the last week, I've taken more baths than I can count to try and wind down.

On a good note and slightly ironically, the busier I've been, the more light reading I've been doing! I've been using my baths as a good excuse to try and get through the mountain of unread books I have on the shelf!

The first of my LUSH purchases was this cute little guy...
He smelled divinely of almonds and I was pleasantly surprised to find the little brown bits were real chocolate drops. Even though this one turns the bath water a really strange milky colour and doesn't smell very strong after it's melted, it does leave your skin lovely and soft afterwards! :)

I also picked up this glittery number...
This one I haven't used yet as I'm super nervous to try it! Every time I touched it I get absolutely covered in glitter and I can't imagine what sort of job I'll have cleaning this out of the bath after it's used. I'm hoping that Christmas and New Year will give me a good excuse to get my glitter on and try this one out! :)

My favourite purchase from LUSH by far is the magical lip scrub!
I got the bubblegum flavour and if I'm completely honest I think that might have been a bad idea because I keep eating it! I don't know if you're supposed to, but I figured since it's mostly made of sugar it can't be that bad for you. It tastes SO yummy! As a bonus, of course, it works wonderfully too - a small amount applied to the lips and a quick scrub with your finger and your lips are smooth as a babies bum! I'll be going back for some more of this as soon as my pot runs out!

What are your favourite LUSH goodies? Hope you're all having a nice week! ♥