Sunday, 4 December 2011

OOTD - Sneak Preview

So looking at my poll I think the winner so far is OOTD - so here's a little sneak preview of something I've worn recently, to give you all the sort of idea of my style.

I can happily acknowledge that my fashion sense is very BORING! I struggle with anything that stands out because I'm completely shy and self conscious, I have no idea what looks good with what and I commit the serial error of choosing comfort over fashion.... I need help!!

My ideal Christmas or birthday present would definitely be a day with a personal shopper in either the Trafford Centre or Forever 21 ♥

I do have to admit though that I am quite pleased with my night outfit choices, which are usually a bit more stylish than my day time choices - but unfortunately I hardly go out anymore because I have no money and too much work to do :( :(
Here I'm wearing one of my all time favourite jumpers, it's from Topshop it's ancient but it's so soft and I love the colour! I've got a black vest top underneath, my favourite Moto Topshop jeans (£35) and my summer purchase - burgundy converse.

To go out into the nasty cold I wore a gorgeous soft half silk scarf that's a lovely green-blue colour, my faux Barbour (£65 Zara) and my trusty Moomin bag (£12 Bonkers) to carry all my books and laptop :)