Thursday, 1 December 2011

Season's Greetings!

It's that time again - so here's a HUGE hello to all of my new followers over the last month, thanks for coming along! ♥ If I don't follow you back and you'd like me to check out your blog please leave your link below - Google sometimes makes it difficult to find the links :(

I've made two lovely blog buttons and popped them in my sidebar, feel free to nab them and send me link to yours!

A HUGE hug and kiss to all my old followers too! Love you all, thanks for sticking around ;)

If you haven't already entered, don't miss out on my 100 Follower Christmas Giveaway which ends tomorrow!

December is a pretty hectic month for me...

* I've got my last two weeks of uni, which means I'm going to be  going mad doing my last two assignments and catching up with all the reading I'm behind on.

* Two weeks from the end of term also means two weeks until Tony heads back home to the Caribbean :( I won't be going with him this time :(

* I absolutely must fit Christmas shopping in somewhere but I'm super broke so it's looking impossible!

* Hopefully some other lovely bloggers and I will be meeting up at the Manchester International Christmas Market - which I totally can't wait for!!

* Please Santa LET IT SNOW this month!!! No more rain!!!

* I also promise to keep on with my 25 Day Harry Potter Challenge this month - I've been very lazy with it :(

What are your plans over the next month? ♥