Saturday, 10 December 2011

Yankee Candle Christmas Smellies

I was recently wandering around Clintons looking for Christmas cards when my nose led me to a nice big display of Yankee Candles. They smelled so good and I was really tempted to buy one of those huge £20 babies, but then I remembered I don't have £20 to spend on candles :(
Instead I opted for some of these lovely Christmas diffusers. I think the set cost about £9 and I split the deal with Tony.

We have the Sparkling Cinnamon in our bedroom, the Christmas Cookie flavour in the living room and the Balsam and Cedar in the bathroom.

The smells are all gorgeous! Especially the Christmas Cookie which really smells like freshly baked cookies. My favourite is the cinnamon one though, the smell wafts over every now and then and is lovely to fall asleep with and wake up to!

We've had these placed around our house for almost a month now and they still smell as strong as the first day we put them out. Definitely great value for money - a huge recommend if you love christmas smells!

Have you tried these? ♥