Monday, 30 January 2012

A Night with the Squire and the Sheriff

Quite last minute on Friday night Tony, my sister and I were asked to spend the weekend with his cousin in Chester. We've been on a night out there before and it was great fun, this time a few on Tony's friends from home were coming too so a ridiculous night was to be expected.

For the drive over and the day I chose to wear the lovely silky shirt I picked up from the Forever 21 sale, but this time I wore it more casually with a black vest underneath and the buttons undone.
I also got creative with my nails for the occasion and put on the lovely Purple in Paris from H&M that I received for Christmas from Charlotte with little metallic blue spots that I made using a nail art pen from a set that I borrowed from my sister.
For night time I wore a new dress by AX Paris at New Look, it cost me a very fair £19.99. I paired this with my New Look wedges and a navy Hollister Cardi.
We had a cracking and very silly night out, the boys gave themselves nicknames and I have way too many pictures of male body parts on my camera, which was drunkenly hijacked by the boys a few hours (and a few drinks) into the night :)
What did you get up to this weekend? ♥


  1. Thank you :) :) I have so many pictures of the boys nehnehs I can't even open my camera to delete them. I don't want to look!! :D xx

  2. Haha only if there's chocolate cake and LOTS of it ;) xxxx

  3. You are so fit Rachyrach. Marry me? :D xxxx

  4. You are so fit rachyrach. marry me :D? xxxx

  5. I love your outfit from your night out! Very pretty ♥
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  6. aww you look like you had a fun night :)
    i hate it when people hijack my camera, i always have a few posy picture from someone,
    your dress from AX paris is gooorgeous, an i'm glad to see my xmas pressie went to good use :)


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