Monday, 6 February 2012

Nail Polish Tag!

A huge Thank You to Tiffeny who I received this tag from, her blog is really great so go check it out!

1) Answer the following questions.
2) Send the tag onto 5 other bloggers.
3) Make sure the 5 bloggers you passed the tag onto know about it.

1) How many nail polishes do you have?
I think about 50 or more? I have at least 40 here at uni and a bunch more at home too and that doesn't count all the ones that are lying around in various places!!

2) What is your favorite brand of nail polish?
I just discovered a new brand called Nerd Lacquer, I can only get them if I ask the person who makes them really nicely (because the only ship in the US at the moment) but the polishes they mix up are absolutely beautiful and definitely appeal to my geeky nature with names like "Exterminate" and "No Medal for Chewie". I simply have to buy them if Star Wars and Doctor Who references are involved :D

3) Do you like or hate crackle polish?
I really like them. I've only tried Barry M's blue colour at the moment, but I have a pink one lying around and I really want a black too :)

4) What was the brand of your very first nail polish?
I really can't remember this. I imagine it was some cheapy one that I picked up at the local market :D

5) If you had a nail polish line, what would it be called?
Hmm, I'm a little jealous that someone already beat me to such a cool name as Nerd Lacquer but I think I'd maybe go for something very boring and unoriginal like Island Glaze (they'd all have to be bright summer colours of course!)

6) What nail polish color do not look good on you?
Bright reds and pinks, yellows and oranges look a bit weird against my skin. A bit too harsh I think, they make my skin a pukey green colour :D

7) What nail polish shades do look good on you?
Dark, deep colours and nudes :)

8) Name 2 of your nail art best friends.
#1 - Cheapy JML nail art kit
#2 - Moisturising polish remover

9) What is the best nail polish gift you have ever received?
Hmm, well I think it will have to be my presents from Christmas, I received some great colours :)

10) Make a speech about the blogger than gave you this award.
A speech! Tiffeny is so lovely and has a really great blog, I've been following her since she first started and her blog has gone from strength to strength. There's always a great new post to read. Her blog is not one to be missed!

Who do I tag?
 I am lazy bones so I tag ALL OF YOU! <3

Please leave me your link if you do this :)


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