Tuesday, 7 February 2012

OOTD: Back to School ;)

Well, not really back to school but back to studying definitely. It's the first week of semester two which means relatively sensible/comfortable clothing. Layers are definitely good for me on class days because I get to warm rushing about, but once I'm settled into a class it's always SO cold!
For my first day back to class I chose to wear a shirt from H&M which I think you can still buy now for about £12.99, with a grey glittery vest underneath for extra warmth. I really love wearing shirts but I keep shrinking them in the wash. I've gone through more than ten in the past couple of years (I think it's because I don't iron them...)!!


  1. You have the best body ever, it makes me want to cry :'(

  2. Ooooh I do love this :) so casual yet so fab

  3. @Heather - whattt! no! Whatever happened to loving what god gave you? You're super pretty anyway so shushhhh! :)

    @Rachel - thank you :) I think I'm getting much better at doing casual with a bit of fab, rather than just casual and hobo-y :D

  4. I love our outfit, its so casual but so chique at the same time :) i always wish i could pull shirts off better.

    1. Ahh I bet you'd look great in a shirt!! :) xxx


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