Saturday, 31 March 2012

11 Questions Tag!

Hey lovelies! I completed this tag fully at the beginning of February, but since then I've been asked to answer a lot more of your lovely questions - so I'm going to answer them all here! Warning in advance this is a looooong post I answered 4 sets of 11 (and one of 12!). ((p.s. I bolded all the important bits if you want to just skim through!))

1. If you could have one item with you if you were stranded on a desert island, what would it be?
I'm going to go ahead and say the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Reading through those books would definitely take up a hefty bit of time out there, and let's be honest what's not to love about LOTR?? :)

2. Who's your favourite actress and why?
Is it cheating if I have three? First and foremost I adore Helena-Bonham Carter. I don't know why honestly - I guess I just think she's a fabulous actress. I've seen every movie where she's paired with Johnny Depp. I think they're the best on screen acting duo of all time. Next would have to be Zooey Deschanel - she's gorgeous, I love her style and she's so adorable I just want to give her a big hug and be her best friend! Finally, Mila Kunis - I have a massive girl crush on her, I think she's so beautiful but I love that she's so down to earth too!

3. No.1 beauty product you cannot live without? YSL Touche Eclat allows me to leave the house feeling human. Definitely this.

4. The worst beauty product you have ever used?
I was talked into trying foundation once, at a beauty counter in Debenhams. It felt so thick and heavy on my face and I was so self conscious walking around with it on. I think I managed about 5 minutes before running for the nearest bathroom and scrubbing it all off. It made me want to cry :(

5. What is your favourite time of the year?
Definitely summer because that's when I get to go out to Tortola and spend all my time with Tony, without all the worry and stress of uni piled on top. I really can't wait for this summer!!

6. How many nail polishes do you own?
I've just counted 15 on my desk, but I'm at home and those are just ones I've left here/brought with me. I must have about 70 altogether now!!!

7. What's the one item you'd love but could never afford?
Have you seen the most expensive engagement ring on the Tiffany website? It's £750,000. But it's beautiful. More realistically though I'd love a DSLR camera (especially since I don't have one at the moment) but it's just too far out of my price range and by the time I can afford it I'm sure there'll be something newer and better and I'll be all left behind in the picture quality of the blogging world as usual!

8. Your best memory as a child?
That's a hard one...I've always found it really hard to remember much of anything from my childhood except this one time when I bit my friend. I think I was chosen to give flowers to Princess Diana when I was like 4, because my dad was in the Navy and they do random ceremony and meet and greet things all the time. That's definitely one to tell the grandchildren.

9. Which celebs hair do you wish you could have?
I love my hair long and natural, so I guess I'd have to say Blake Lively, I envied all the fab boho looking hairstyles they give her in Gossip Girl (guilty pleasure TV show!).

10. Is there anything you've wanted to do but never had the guts to do?
Oh gosh, so many things! Belly button pierced - I promised Tony's little sister I'd have it done with her this summer so I can't really go back on my word but I am already panicking about it! I'd also love a couple of tattoos - I know what I want already and they're all small, discrete and really mean a lot to me but i'm just too much of a wimp! I would also love to bungee jump over the grand canyon, but I'm petrified the rope will snap. I have really bad luck so it's possible!! :D

11. Your biggest achievement?
Getting into St Andrews Uni - all my teachers said I was stupid to have it as my first choice and thought I should be aiming for lower acceptance grades and slightly less prestigious universities. I ignore them all, worked my butt off and by some miracle got the grades I needed. Four years later and I'm still unsure as to how I did it!!

1. What has been your biggest life regret?
I'm not sure I really regret all that much, since whatever I've done so far has got me here and I'm not doing so bad :) I guess I have to say that when I was 6 I was working for a modelling agency and I got a casting call for a Mr Kipling advert. I used to do a weird thing without realising where I wiggled my nose. The guy loved it and asked me to do it again but I was so young and shy that I just giggled every time he asked. He got a bit fed up after about 20 minutes and the casting audition ended. I was never called back for another job after that. I always wonder to this day how different my life might be right now if I'd got that casting.

2. What has been your very best beauty product of all time?
Again, YSL Touche Eclat.

3. And your very worst beauty product of all time?
False eyelashes. I don't have the patience at all. I get SO frustrated trying to apply them, I really don't have a steady enough hand to get it right.

4. If you could click your fingers to change anything about your appearance, what would that be?
Hmm, probably my nose.  I have a deviated septum so I can't breathe through one side, and barely through the other. It's also a little wonky when you look at it from certain angles because my septum leans to the left. I'd have that fixed and straightened up. One of my worst experiences is when I fly to Tortola. It takes 3 flights in total; 8 hours, 4 hours, 1 hour (plus layovers), so as you can imagine it's exhausting and it sounds stupid but I can't sleep on planes because I'm too embarrassed about my mouth being wide open. It's really unattractive. Eurgh.

5. Do you believe in ghosts?
I think so, I'm convinced our flat in St Andrews has a little black cat ghost. I'm always seeing it out of the corner of my eye. It makes me sad because I always think for a split second that we have a pet :( I miss my babies when I'm at uni!

6. What is the best quality you love about yourself?
I am honest, friendly and ridiculously un-judgemental. I'm the sort of person who keeps promises and will still be your friend even if everyone else thinks you're super weird (because I'm super weird too!). Everyone seems to have ulterior motives or personal agendas these days, and if you don't everyone thinks you do anyway. If I had a penny for the number of times I've been called fake, or been told I'm too nice and must be doing it to manipulate people I'd be filthy rich by now. I also can't stand groups of girl friends who all secretly hate each other. What's the point!? I'll never understand why people can't just be nice to each other!

7. If you could only ever wear one make-up brand, what would that brand be?
Yves Saint Laurent - love the products, I have a foundation by then that I've worn twice and actually managed to tolerate, I love the lipsticks (though I don't own any) and my perfume has been YSL for years now.

8. What's your guilty pleasure?
All things GEEK! Videogames, Japanese Kawaii, Doctor Who, Cosplay, LOTR, Star Wars, Star Trek - all the things that my friends say I shouldn't love!! :)

9. Celeb you would marry in a heartbeat?
Matt Smith -  Doctor Who. Need I say more? I have to point out here that I'd usually say David Tennant but Matt Smith was in the episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl that I watched last night and he was so cute and cuddly and wonderful!! He's just so quirky and eeeeeeee. Massive crush. On a normal day, definitely David Tennant though, he's mega marriage material, true gent. Also Colin Firth (I clearly have a thing for older men...)

10. Are you loud mouth or shy girl?
Shy girl without a doubt. I do not like being the centre of attention at all.

11. Smoker or non-smoker?
Non -  I have asthma so that wouldn't really work out. I recently helped Tony to quit too.

1. What has made you smile this week?
Skyping with Tony definitely. It's a weird situation to go from living together one minute, to half way around the world from each other the next. There's a 5 hour time difference so it's a bit of a pain finding a time that fits us both, but we manage somehow :)

2. Do you like to travel? Where have you been?
I adore travelling. Heck, if I wont the lottery I'd pack everything I could into a backpack and go off traveling right this minute! With my parents I've been to Portugal, Malta and Corfu. With Tony I've been to Morocco, Amsterdam and (of course) Tortola and all the other island in the BVI. With Tony's family I've been to Florida and on a cruise around the Caribbean islands of St Thomas, Barbados, St Kitts, St Maarten and St Lucia. My dream destination at the moment is Japan.

3. What has been the best day of your life so far?
That's really hard... At the minute I'd have to say probably my 20th birthday, it was pretty ridiculous and will be in my memory forever. I have in mind a day that could definitely top that sometime in the future though!

4. What is your favourite smell? Does it bring back memories?
My mum wears the loveliest soft, slightly talc-y, slightly floral perfume. Whenever I smell it or anything like it I feel so happy and warm inside :)

5. What is your favourite candy/sweets?
I can't say no to sasparilla sticks from Stockleys. *NOM*

6. What is the best/worst gift you've given or received?
I can honestly say I've never received a bad gift! (I'm easy to please!) I'd like to think I've never given one either!! I think the best gift I've ever given has to be when I treated Tony to his favourite play, Lion King, in the West End and a meal at one of Gordon Ramsays restaurants (his fav chef!) :) I think the best I've received would be a little pearl on a chain. It's perfect :)

7. Do you have a hobby?
It used to be sailing, but I haven't done that in a long while now. I guess reading and I just started figuring out how to knit properly too. I've been able to knit a plain square for a long time - I finally learned how to purl and cable knit and all sorts! :)

8. What is your favourite blog? was the first blog I ever read and I absolutely adore the feisty girl who writes it, even if she'll likely never give two hoots about me (she once wrote a post about the sort of people she just can't get along with and I think I'm one of them!!)

9. What was your favourite game to play as a child?
I was a total trivia freak so Trivial Pursuit was a big love, although Cluedo will always hold a special little place in my heart :)

10. Has reading a book ever changed your life? Which one and why, if yes?
Books always have a massive impact on me, so I doubt I could pinpoint a specific one really. I've read so many books too I can't even remember some of them! I'm reading Yes Man at the moment and that's a pretty inspirational book. I definitely recommend it.

11. What is your holy grail product?
YSL Touche Eclat ;)

1. When did you first start to dress fashionably?
I'm not sure I have yet!! I'm definitely trying my best though!

2. What are your two must have cosmetic products?
My Lancome Mascara and YSL Touche Eclat

3. If you could get a free lifetime supply of a brand, which would it be?
Hmmm, I think it would be YSL

4. How many nail polishes do you own?
Too many

5. What's one thing you'd like to change about yourself?
Aside from my nose? I'd love to be more approachable and appear more friendly to other people. Some seem to find me intimidating but I don't know why :(

6. Do you have a tattoo? What, where?
Nope, but I know of 3 really meaningful ones that I want if I can work up the courage.

7. The most expensive piece of clothing/shoes/jewellery that you own?
I got a pair of diamond earrings from my mum that I wear every day. They're beautiful!

8. What makes you smile?
My cats and sunshine!

9. What do you think about when you first look in the mirror in the morning?
How tired and groggy I look!

10. Your favourite chocolate is...
Cadbury's Fruit and Nut

11. The best advice you've ever received?
To just be yourself!

1. If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
Anyone who's an astronaut. I'd love to go into space!

2. What three items would you save in a fire?
Do my two cats count? I'd salvage as many photos as I could too.

3. What is your biggest regret?
Apart from the one I mentioned about I don't really have any!

4. If money were no object, what would be the first thing you would buy?
My own house.

5. Which friends character are you most like?
Haha, unfortunately it's probably Ross!! But I'd love to be a mix of Rachel and Phoebe.

6. What do you like most about yourself?
My hair!

7. If you had a time machine, where would you go first?
1800s - what a magical time. Pride and Prejudice is my dream life!

8. What is your favourite takeaway?
Chinese (or Sushi!)

9. What is your dream job?
Astronaut - but realistically a teacher

10. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Introvert definitely. I'm a shy on me!

11. Who is your favourite author and what is your favourite book?
I can't honestly give an answer, because the way I feel about books and authors is a bit mental!! I do have a lot of love for Jane Austen though, and Pride and Prejudice:)

12. Name your most loved item?
 My necklace from Tony

A whopping number of questions I know - but I hope you enjoyed reading my answers! Don't forget to check out the blogs of all the lovely girls I mentioned! 



  1. our favourite author is the same..

  2. hi dear, I'm so glad you've made it, love your answers :) xx

    1. Thank you sweetie! I did my best to answer your questions - I hope I translated them all correctly :) xxxx

    2. perfectly :) I hope you didnt have too many problems with that :)

  3. Thank you for answering my questions hun, i loved reading every single answer :)
    wow i never knew you were picked to give flowers to princess Diana, :)

    1. Hehe you're welcome! I think it was Diana - might have been the Duchess of something but I'm sure it was Diana :) xxx

  4. I absolutely adore Helena Bonham Carter too! Like you said, I don't know what is about her but I just think she's great. I went on a cruise around the Caribbean too and visited some of the same islands - Tortola was definitely my favourite though, it's so beautiful there. :) xx

    1. Omg this is super weird I swear we must have been separated at birth!! When did you go to Tortola? It's basically my home!! xxxx

    2. Haha, I was thinking the same! It was two years ago. I think we went to Road Town, we were only there briefly because we went on a catamaran excursion around the island and went snorkeling in one of the bays. I really want to go back, spending a day there really wasn't enough!

    3. Yeah the cruise ship dock is in Road Town, it's the only real town on the island - there's west and east end too but they're basically like the equivalent of a UK village :) You must have been on island at the same time as me then, I've been there every summer for the whole summer since 2009! Spooky! You should definitely go back it's an amazing place! xxx


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