Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Be My Guest - Holly from Miss Holly

Blogger Fact File:
Name - Holly
Age - 21 
Location - London UK
Blog - www.miss-holly.com
Favourite Colour - Pink and corals
Favourite Blog Topic - Beauty

* I named this questionnaire Be My Guest after my favourite Disney movie Beauty and the Beast - what is your favourite Disney movie and why?
This is abit of a boring choice but i'd have to say Cinerella.. I just loved watching it when i was a little kid snuggled up on the sofa with my sister,  We used to dress up and take turns to be Cinderella.. I think in my whole life i've seen that movie at least over 50 times.

* What is your favourite make-up/beauty item and what is on your dream wish list? 
My favourite make up item has to be my MAC lipsticks, i own quite a few of them so it's hard to say which is my favourite but i wear MAC Viva Glam Gaga alot.. Currently on my wishlist is Chanel Perfection Lumiere.

* If you could travel back in time, where and when would you go, and why? 
I would go back to my school days, i used to be such a brat in school so there are a few things i'd like to change about what i did in school, also i didn't do amazingly well in my GCSEs so i'd love to go back in time to try and better my grades.

* What is your favourite type of clothing and which current trend are you most excited about? 
My favourite type of clothing has to be skinny jeans and leggings/jeggings i'm obsessed! I own about 10 pairs of skinny jeans and 10 pairs of leggings/jeggings. I'm excited about the pastel trend at the moment i absolutely love pastel colours!

* What is your best style tip for Spring/Summer? 
As Lauren Conrad would say:- Only wear clothes that fit. No matter how fashionable something is if it is too small it will never look good

* You've got a dinner date with three famous people, who would you chose to dine with (dead or alive) and why? 
1. Lauren Conrad - i love her and i'm a huge fan!  
2. Michael Jackson - i'm also a huge fan of him and loved all of his songs, his songs were a huge part of my childhood.
3. Mila Kunis - Shes my celebrity crush and my favourite actress..

* What is your favourite TV show? 

Eastenders! My family and boyfriend call me obsessed but i'm addicted. I'll watch it over and over without getting bored..

* You're making your debut on the red carpet - who would you wear? Describe your outfit. 

I would wear a long gold sparkley dress, with matching shoes and clutch. - ahw i can just picture it now .. haha

* What is your favourite book? 
In all honesty .. i don't read books. I don't have much patience to read them.. the only books i have read are by Lauren Conrad.. and i'd have to say my favourite's out of them are 'Style' - which is an amazing book with lots of great tips on fashion and make up!

* If you could make your own nail polish what colour would it be? 
Coraly pink with glitter? if that even makes sense..? how about a colour changing nail polish - you apply it and it's coral with glitter and then when it gets cold/ temperature changes it goes to pink with glitter? oh my god that would be amazing!

* You have 60 seconds to describe your blog...GO! 
It's a fashion and beauty blog, mainly beauty with little bits of fashion chucked in.. It has tutorials, reviews, nails and looks of the day.. and many many more..

* Name ONE blog or website that you think people may not have heard of and should check out. 
 - It's by far the BEST fashion and beauty blog out there, she has an amazing sense of style and she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous!! We both actually started our blog around the same time and her blog was one of the first i followed.. Her blog has grown massively since then, and i highly suggest you all go check it out!

Thanks for taking part Holly! I loved reading all your answers and finding yet another new blog to follow!! :)


You won't regret checking out Holly's blog - it's amazing for beauty, I've been following for years now and I still check it everyday!

If you would like to take part just pop me a little email to islandgirlinsights@hotmail.co.uk with the title Be My Guest! Can't wait to hear from you ♥


  1. Thank you for the feature hun :) xo

    1. You're so welcome hun! Loved having you xxx

  2. This is a great idea! Love it:)

    http://www.whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com xxx

    1. If you'd like to take part I'd love to hear from you! :) xxx

  3. Loved readin this :) Holly is such a FAB girl!

  4. I loved reading this hun :)
    Holly's got a fab blog, and she's such a lovely girl, I've also found a new blog to follow :)
    Thanks Holly
    X X X

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!! Where's yours!!! :D x


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