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Be My Guest - Rachel from Life of a Sweetaholic

Blogger Fact File:
Name - Rachel
Age - 21
Location - Nottinghamshire
Blog – Life of a Sweetaholic
Favourite Colour – Coral 
Favourite Blog Topic -  Nail art and general goings on.

* I named this questionnaire Be My Guest after my favourite Disney movie Beauty and the Beast - what is your favourite Disney movie and why? 

Without a doubt it has got to be Bambi, whenever I get asked this question I always instantly think of Bambi. I think the reason behind choosing this film is because I never had it off when I was a little girl and it reminds me so much of my childhood and the fact that it is such an adorable film to watch too.

* What is your favourite make-up/beauty item and what is on your dream wish list? 

My favourite makeup item is probably my MUA Disco Ball Palette, I am not overly confident when it comes to makeup but I do love how pigmented the palette is and how it can change a simple look into glam. My favourite beauty item is my No7 Soft and Soothed Gentle Cleanser, I use it almost every night while taking my makeup off and I have used it since my early teens and it really does work wonders. At the moment on my wish list it is quite simple, I would love to own the new MUA Love Heart nail polish set, as the colours look amazing and being a sweetaholic it is perfect for me.

* If you could travel back in time, where and when would you go, and why? 
This might sound cheesy to some of you but I really would love to go back to the first time that I ever saw Liam (my boyfriend), that is way back in 2006 at a house party. I’d go back simply because that moment changed my life and it all seems like a blur now so reliving that would be pretty special.

* What is your favourite type of clothing and which current trend are you most excited about? 

I have always gone for the casual look and I dress up with accessories – they really are your best friend girls. So on a general day you can find me in my leggings with a pretty top and all of the relevant accessories without going OTT. I am really looking forward to all of the pastel shades hitting the shops and finally being able to feel like summer has arrived, I am no good in winter as I hate dull looking clothes. 

* What is your best style tip for Spring/Summer? 

Simply go for whatever you feel comfortable and confident in, no matter what the trend maybe.

* You've got a dinner date with three famous people, who would you chose to dine with (dead or alive) and why?

First off I would choose Louis Tomlinson as I am a huge One Direction fan it would be a amazing to meet my favourite cheeky chappy, I would choose Louis because I think he would bring hell of a lot of fun to the table and of course I wouldnt mind a cheeky kiss.

Next I would choose Ryan Reynolds simply because it really would be an ultimate dream to have this man sat next to me at the dinner table, I would probably also grill him on all of the Hollywood secrets.
Finally I would chose Sophia Bush as she is my idol and I have a lot of admiration for this beautiful woman, Id want to get some ultimate styling tips from her as well as the gossip from One Tree Hill. 

* What is your favourite TV show?

One Tree Hill without a doubt, I am beyond sad that the next season will be its last!

* You're making your debut on the red carpet - who would you wear? Describe your outfit.

A coral dress with a little bit of sparkle, killer black heels and a cute little black clutch. I am really terrible at describing outfits in detail so I hope this will provide you will a little image in the mind. 

* What is your favourite book?

Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon, I am a huge Paige Toon fan and have read all of her books, Johnny Be Good has got to be my favourite out of all of them, I find it so fascinating how I get so drawn into a book.

* If you could make your own nail polish what colour would it be?

Well I would call my nail varnish range Sweet Treats and would love to have a range of pastels and glitters, each related to sweets. I think the first in the collection would be a baby pink called Candy Floss or something like that. 

* You have 60 seconds to describe your blog...GO!

My blog is about my life, my loves, my dreams and wishes. 
 I have regular features such as OOTD, NOTD, Nail Art Tutorials, Project 365 and much more.

* Name ONE blog or website that you think people may not have heard of and should check out.

As I am a huge fan of this lovely lady I am going to say the blog I am Kathy B – I am sure that some people reading this will know who the gorgeous Kathy is but for those who don
t I would urge you to go and read her posts. Not only is Kathy a fantastic writer, she always has me in fits of giggles reading the posts but is such a wonderful person inside and out.

Thanks for taking part Rachel! I really enjoyed reading your answers! :)


You won't regret checking out Rachel's blog - I've been following her for a very long time now and she's writes a solid favourite of mine and is a wonderful, beautiful girl in top of that!

If you would like to take part just pop me a little email to with the title Be My Guest! Can't wait to hear from you ♥


  1. hye island girl!!
    i like your blog, anyway, i'm ell..a blogger from Malaysia..

    1. Thank you so much! I have followed your blog! You should take part in my international blog swap (see blog post below). It would be great to see some malaysian products being swapped! xxxx

  2. I love your guest posts! :-D

    Thanks for introducing me to another fab new blog to follow!


    1. Aw thanks lovely and you're welcome!! If you pop me an email at I can send you over the questions to take part too if you like? xxx

  3. Thank you for having me lovely :) I really enjoyed answering these questions :) sending lots of love

    1. You're super welcome! Always enjoy reading your answers to these things :) xxxx

  4. I absolutely adore Rach and her blog, and seeing her little part about me has made my day! Xx

    1. Aww! You deserve it miss! Your blog is fab! xxx


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