Thursday, 1 March 2012

March is...

I can't believe another month has gone by already, although I think this one was a little slower than the last. February was totally hectic for me, I feel like I had a million and one things to do every day and not enough hours or hands to fit them in!

I didn't manage to read my book in the month I set myself this time, I'm only on chapter 8 but I'm going to try my best to finish it by the weekend then I can get started on March's book which will be Derren Brown's Confessions of a Conjurer. So expect a review of Yes Man in the next couple of weeks!

I recently applied for three different part time jobs and signed up for two more volunteering opportunities - so I think I can call success on that goal, even if I haven't heard anything back from the jobs yet!

This month I have a whole bunch of deadlines to look forward too, which is always lots of fun! But on the bright side I get two weeks off for spring break nearer the end of this month :) It's also Tony's birthday on Monday so we have a bot of a party planned for this weekend which I'm really looking forward to.

As always I want to give a big hug to all my wonderful followers, love you all to pieces - also a huge hello to all of my new followers over the last month - you've helped me to pass the 250 mark over the last week which I truly cannot believe! I never thought that all the rubbish and ramblings that I come out with could actually interest so many people! I appreciate all of your support SO much. I will be holding a giveaway very soon to say a proper thank you to all you lovely lovely darlings! I just have to wait until the Etsy shop I'm buying the prizes from re-opens and then we're good to go!

You'll have to bear with me on photos this month too, I have no way of getting a new one until at least the beginning of April so I'll be trying my best with laptop, nintendo and phone pictures...

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What are you all getting up to this month? ♥


  1. Oh don't worry about not meeting all of your goals from February...I didn't either! Good luck with all your deadlines.


    1. Thanks, you too! I try to pretend I'm super organised and really feel bad when I don't achieve what I have planned. I never do though! :) x

  2. congrats on all your followers! i love reading your blog and can't wait for your giveaway, excitingggg :) february flew by for me too! good luck with all your jobs and deadlines and stuff :)

    1. Thank you so much! Your comment made me smile :) I really hope I can run my giveaway soon! xxx

  3. just found your blog, I really like it. xx

    1. Thank you! Had a snoop on yours it's so fab. You have wicked style xxx


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