Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Be My Guest: Amy from Paperbacks and Postcards

Blogger Fact File:
Name – Amy
Age - 23
Location - Midlands
Favourite Colour – Red/Gold/Forest Green
Favourite Blog Topic – Make-up

* I named this questionnaire Be My Guest after my favourite Disney movie Beauty and the Beast - what is your favourite Disney movie and why? 
The Aristocats because I kind of fancy Thomas O’Malley (O’Malley the alley cat), and those kittens are so cute – especially Marie and Berlioz! It also has excellent songs and I’m not even a fan of musical films!

* What is your favourite make-up/beauty item and what is on your dream wish list?
My favourite piece of make-up that I own is my Ruby Woo lipstick by MAC it is such a lovely red shade and the matte finish makes it look timeless and classy (well I think so anyway!) when I have it on my lips I can’t help but stare at them every time I pass a mirror!

There are many things on my wish list but the longest standing item on there is probably a Clarisonic, my skin is quite troublesome so I’d like to see if the Clarisonic can tame it! Can’t afford one at the minute though!

* If you could travel back in time, where and when would you go, and why?
I would go to Tudor times, specifically to the court of Henry VIII because this is my favourite period of time to learn about and I think it would have been interesting to live back then. I also kind of fancy Henry VIII, yep I’m a weirdo. I think it’s the power…

* What is your favourite type of clothing and which current trend are you most excited about?
I love dresses and skirts, a good 50s style sundress is always a favourite of mine and will be eternally fashionable in my eyes.

I’m loving the look of the pastel trend for S/S12 as those colours just scream summer to me, it’ll be like dressing as an ice cream!

* What is your best style tip for Spring/Summer?
50s cat eye sunglasses, all the cool kids will be wearing them. Preferably in a candy shade but classic tortoiseshell versions will also be big.

* You've got a dinner date with three famous people, who would you chose to dine with (dead or alive) and why?
Karl Marx, Alison Mosshart and Cook from Skins.

Marx because I’m a sociology junkie and I love learning about his theories, that beard was pretty epic too!

Mosshart because I fancy the pants off her, she’s so effortlessly cool and I love her style. Love her music too!

And Cook because his voice makes me melt, no idea why but I’d be swooning all evening if he was there.

* What is your favourite TV show?
Gossip Girl, it’s one of the only things that I watch on tv and I look forward to every week. Chuck Bass is the main reason for this, but the fashion is always amazing too.

Can I give Gilmore Girls an honourable mention too? I could watch this for hours – I know nearly all of the words.

Yes, I just like TV shows with G’s in the title.

* You're making your debut on the red carpet - who would you wear? Describe your outfit.
Elie Saab. Never have I seen such beautiful dresses, you wouldn’t need any accessories as they’re all so intricately detailed. I’d just pop on some simple heels and I’d be good to go.

* What is your favourite book? 
Wise Children by Angela Carter, it’s amazing – well worth a read.

* If you could make your own nail polish what colour would it be?
It would have a deep red base and lots of gold glitter pieces in it.

* You have 60 seconds to describe your blog...GO!
The ramblings of a girl obsessed with make-up who spends far too much time and money looking for the perfect red lipstick.

* Name ONE blog or website that you think people may not have heard of and should check out.
You should all go and check out the lovely Dani’s blog: A Blog from Blackpool as she has some amazing posts and it’s definitely my favourite blog to read.

Thanks for taking part Amy! I'm a huge Gossip Girl fan too. It's a guilty pleasure. Love Chuck's gravelly English accent :)

You won't regret taking a nosey over on Amy's blog - I love reading her make-up and fashion posts, she has a great sense of style!

If you would like to take part just pop me a little email to islandgirlinsights@hotmail.co.uk with the title Be My Guest! Can't wait to hear from you ♥


  1. What a great feature and great questions, I gave my own answers to them in my head hehe. Just started following your blog and love it already :)

    Karys x

    1. Thank you so much :) I'd love to have you be my guest if you'd like to? Just pop me an email and I'll send to questions to you!! x


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