Monday, 28 May 2012

Be My Guest: Tiffeny from Just Tiffeny

Blogger Fact File:
Name - Tiffeny Irene Coles
Age - 24
Location - Stockton On Tees, UK
Favourite Colour - Pink!
Favourite Blog Topic - Beauty

* I named this questionnaire Be My Guest after my favourite Disney movie Beauty and the Beast - what is your favourite Disney movie and why?
I love The Lion King. I'm not a huge fan of animated movies, but I love this as the storyline is believable. I always cry at the part where Mufasa dies! :(

* What is your favourite make-up/beauty item and what is on your dream wish list? 
My favourite is YSL Touche Eclat and It is also currently on my wishlist along with mac lippy, morrocan oil and a tangle teaser!

* If you could travel back in time, where and when would you go, and why? 
I would go back to the 60's. My Mum grew up in that era, so It would be interested to see where she came from. Plus everyone seemed so chilled out back then :)

* What is your favourite type of clothing and which current trend are you most excited about? 
My favourite type of clothing is leggings, although I'm getting a little bored of them at the moment. I am really excited to see all the pretty animal prints coming back into the shops. I really like floaty kaftan tops too :)

* What is your best style tip for Spring/Summer? 
Natural is best! Maxi dresses, wavy hair and minimal makeup.

* You've got a dinner date with three famous people, who would you chose to dine with (dead or alive) and why? 
 I would choose Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston for the simple reason I would love to hear thier views on what the papers, tv and public have made of thier deaths.

* What is your favourite TV show? 
The Only Way Is Essex!

* You're making your debut on the red carpet - what would you wear? Describe your outfit. 
I would wear a LBD teamed with heels, diamonds and red lippy!

* What is your favourite book? 
Oh god this is a hard one! I love the harry potter and twilight books, but then I love books by Julie Cohen and Jane Costello too!

* If you could make your own nail polish what colour would it be? 
It would be called 'Mauve Belle' and would be a very pretty and glittery lilac shade.

* You have 60 seconds to describe your blog...GO! 
Just Tiffeny is a place where I can be myself. It's mainly a beauty blog, but I write about a little bit of everything such as my weightloss journey, books, fashion, my life in general and tons more. I hold giveaways, because it's fun and I like to give something back to my followers. Oh and I've just changed the background, let me know what you think!!!

* Name ONE blog or website that you think people may not have heard of and should check out. 
 I'm loving at the moment :)

Thank you so much for taking part Tiffeny! I think dinner with Michael Jackson would be really interesting too!
Please check out Tiffeny's fab blog - she writes some really great beauty product reviews!

If you would like to take part just pop me a little email to with the title Be My Guest! Can't wait to hear from you ♥

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