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Be My Guest: Viki from Little Owls Blog


Blogger Fact File:
Name - Viki
Age - 21
Location - Cumbria, UK
Blog - Little Owls Blog
Favourite Colour - Duck Egg Blue
Favourite Blog Topic - My life

* I named this questionnaire Be My Guest after my favourite Disney movie Beauty and the Beast - what is your favourite Disney movie and why?
Oh my... Such a hard question!!! I love so many of them. I think I'm gonna go with Ratatouille as my favourite Disney Pixar film. As for the classic cartoon Disney films I think it has to be Tarzan. I'm not even sure why but I just love that film!

* What is your favourite make-up/beauty item and what is on your dream wish list?
My favourite make-up item is definitely Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara. It's the best mascara I've ever used and if I'm going to put any make-up on (I tend not to) this is the first thing I go for. On my wish list, in terms of make-up, I'd have to say that I really want the OPI Muppets Collection nail polishes. They're such cute colours, plus I'm a little obsessed with the muppets.

* If you could travel back in time, where and when would you go, and why?
I think I'd like to travel back to the 50s. It seems like one of those times where everyone still took great care over their appearance. Men wore suits and hats still and women would always wear pretty dresses. I know I'm totally romanticising it...

* What is your favourite type of clothing and which current trend are you most excited about?
Type of clothing? I guess dresses. I pretty much live in them. I have about 5 dresses that I'll wear during both day and night. One of those is knitted so I only wear it in winter but the others I wear both in winter and summer. Cardigans and jumpers are possibly the best inventions ever, besides dresses of course. As for current trends I honestly have no idea what's fashionable right now, I just kind of do my own thing.

* What is your best style tip for Spring/Summer?
Light layers! Also carry a cute umbrella, just in case!

* You've got a dinner date with three famous people, who would you chose to dine with (dead or alive) and why?
1. Jim Henson - He's pretty much the most famous puppeteer of all time and I'm obsessed with puppets. Also, Kermit!!!
2. Johnny Depp - I just find him fascinating, plus he's not bad to look at.
3. John Lasseter - Producer and director for Pixar. Need I say more?

* What is your favourite TV show?
Right now it's definitely Revenge. I have a bit of a thing for Nolan Ross.

* You're making your debut on the red carpet - who would you wear? Describe your outfit.
Who? Erm... Probably something by Betsey Johnson. I love how cute all her stuff is! My outfit would probably be a dress, something super girly but simple.

* What is your favourite book?
This changes from time to time but I think my favourite book at this moment is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It's such a beautiful story.

* If you could make your own nail polish what colour would it be?
Duck egg blue with fine pale pink glitter in it.

* You have 60 seconds to describe your blog...GO!
It's about me. And me. And sometimes food.

* Name ONE blog or website that you think people may not have heard of and should check out.
I know that everyone has heard of Youtube but, to me, it seems like people use it either for watching videos of cute animals (mainly cats) or watching funny videos. Try something different next time you're on Youtube, look at the vlogs! There's some really cool vloggers out there.

Thanks for taking part Viki - I love the sound of your dream nail colour!!
Pop over to Viki's blog and say hello, I know her personally from school and I think her blog is great :)

If you would like to take part just pop me a little email to with the title Be My Guest! Can't wait to hear from you ♥

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