Wednesday, 16 May 2012

LinkLove ♥

I'm mid-exam week and by default life sucks right now - but one thing that's made me super happy this week was finding out that one of my absolute favourite bloggers is back after a recent country & house move with more amazing posts!

You may remember last week I had the poll up to decide whether the LinkLove feature needed a button award and the results were lovely and positive
Since I did receive two "No" votes I will make the button award optional. So, past and future awardees feel free to take the button from this post - or not! It's entirely up to you. Either way thanks for being awesome ♥ 

Island Girl Insights

This week's LinkLove goes to... 
Gab writes Diary of a Pinkaholic which is a brilliant blog about all things girly. I read this one religiously! I am a huge fan of her nail polish colour choices - her nail posts always have me jealous of her great taste :) 

Gab is also a total doll, she's gorgeous and up high on my list of nicest people I've met whilst blogging. You absolutely will not regret checking out this wonderful blog!



  1. Iv just been on her blog! Its great! Thanx for sharing! I love finding new bloggers! :) xx

    1. You're welcome and thank you so much for checking it out!! :) xxxx

  2. Such a great idea, loving your blog :)

  3. Oh my, was not expecting this! Thank you Rach, you're too kind!
    I really missed blogging while I was absent and I can safely say you are one of the reasons why! :) You're also one of the nicest bloggers I have had the pleasure to get to know in this short amount of time and can only wish we could meet personally soon :)

    1. Haha you deserve it for sure! Thanks for the uber sweet comment!! <3 Definitely hope we can meet personally sometime! xxx


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