Thursday, 10 May 2012

WANTED: Black Bikini

Girls, I need your help. For my summer holiday I'm on the hunt for a bikini and at the minute I'm having no luck what-so-ever!

Here's what I'm looking for:
  • Plain Black
  • Will settle for subtle/minimal pattern but spots or stripes are a no-no!
  • Triangle top (the sort that moves)
  • Could go for underwired if I have to...
  • Bottoms that tie at the sides
  • Top and bottoms sold separately
  • Reasonably priced
I wouldn't have thought it would be all that difficult to find a plain black bikini - but with just under a month to go before I'm off on my travels I'm starting to panic!

Can you help me? ♥



  1. Top shop ALWAYS have this style in I think? My friend only wears black bikinis and she always gets them from there!

  2. Have you tried ASOS? They have many mix-and-match styles.
    Hope that helps =)

  3. I found this one in Asos, very cheap too!´

    The bottom is sold separately and it's only 4£!


  4. What about H&M?! :) My fav of course!!


  5. New Look

  6. Saw some at both my local Walmart. Both places were selling them as mix and match sets. Here's the online links:

    I'm not sure if they ship to the UK or not. If they don't maybe you can find some one here in the US that you can ship it to and they can mail it to you afterward. Kind of a pain, but might be worth it at those prices! Good luck!!

  7. Topshop for sure, I searched on style compare for you. Here's the link:
    Hope it helps.

    B xxx

  8. Love this post and I need one too!! lol...
    I've been looking around and there are two places I would suggest!
    1. Ami Club Wear: because of their "Pucker Butt" bottoms. Super cute and smart!!! oh and price. If you wait a few days you may batch a 50% off sale....
    2. Victoria's secret: one of my favortie places...

    Hope this helps!
    I'm sending some bloglovin to your page. Checking sponsors and adds <3

  9. I bought one at Forever 21. £3.75 for top and same for bottom x

  10. YOU GUYS ROCK! I just missed out on one at ASOS that I really wanted but I managed to pick up one at H&M. I OWE YOU ALL A HUGE THANK YOU! xoxo


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