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Guest Post - Lesser Known Nail Polish Brands Worth a Place in Your Stash

Hey there lovely people. I'm Vic from Glowstars.net where I blog about my two boys and the mischief we get up to, shoes and of course lots of nail polish. When Rach said she was looking for guest posters to help her out while she's in the Caribbean I jumped at the chance to share a few of my favourite, lesser known nail polish brands.

If you're reading from the UK some of these brands may be familiar, even if you haven't tried them. I urge you to run out and buy some now as these brands carry more punch than some of the bigger names.
First up we have Eye Candy London. While this isn't a new brand (Eye Candy have traditionally produced false lashes) they have only just entered into the nail polish arena. Eye Candy have a small but strong range of core colours and have also released crackle, magnetic, flakie and duochrome polishes.

You can find Eye Candy nail polishes in Sainsburys supermarket and prices start at just £5.00. I managed to pick up Liquid Gold (bottom pic) in my very small local store but larger stores carry the whole range. I wore two coats for each of these pics and the on the nail pics were taken underwater to show the duochrome effect at its best.

George is a supermarket brand that is better known for its clothing (which I'm rather partial to). George also has a make up range which, on surface, seems very cheap and cheerful. Price range from £1.75 to £2.75.

You may be forgiven for heading straight to the Shatter, 3D glitters or Molten Metals ranges but there are some great finds in the core collection, including Ultraviolet (3 coats - middle pic). I found the Molten Metals (2 coats - top pic) quite difficult to work with but it was worth the effort when I eventually got it right. I've found it easiest to use two coats so the first covers and the second neatens, although if you're particularly good at polishing you'll only need one. The 3D glitters (3 coats - bottom pic) take a while to build up to full coverage but work equally well with undies.

You can find some of the George polishes online but for the full range (now including neons) visit a larger Asda store.

Cacee are best known for gel polish and mani/pedi lotions but they also have a great range of nail polishes called BFF. They're not easy to come by and are mostly found in small beauty supply shops but if you do come across them you should definitely snap them up - I hear they sell for as little as $2.99 a bottle.

Lucy (2 coats - top pic) is a dead ringer for OPI DS Extravagance but with a grittier texture and better holograpic particles under top coat. Twee is fairly similar to Zoya Charla, right down to the difficulty in capturing the colour. BFF is a good solid polish which can easily pretend to be big brand.

M&S are pretty much one of those great British institutions. The company started out as a market stall in the late 1800s and grew to become a small chain of penny bazaars but these are no pound store polishes.

Although even the larger stores only have a relatively small beauty range they are worth checking out as there are some absolute gems in the various polish ranges. Bright aqua (3 coats - bottom pic) appears to be discontinued but was part of the M&S Value range. M&S have recently brought out a range of polish for their Limited Collection (the younger side of their womens' clothing range) which includes the gorgeous polish, Lilac (2 coats - top pic). Although stocks of the collection were rather sparse last time I visited, from the pics I've seen on the M&S website I think I'm going to be stalking stores until I find the rest of the shades I'm after.

Nail Pop is another relatively new offering in the UK nail market but this range from Look Beauty certainly packs a punch. Nail Pop is sold exclusively in Superdrug stores but I've only managed to buy one polish from the collection as none of my local stores stock it. The range include some gorgeous glitters, duochromes and even flakies like Sequin Effect (2 coats over black).

Nail Pop usually costs £5.00 a bottle but they're currently on offer on the Look Beauty and Superdrug websites for only £3.00 each.

Finally we have Y.C.C. nail enamel. You may not have come across Y.C.C. before because they're sold exclusively at Millennium Nails, a store best known for acrylic and gel nail supplies.

The Y.C.C. range has holographics, flakies (2 coats on white - bottom 2 pics) to rival the Zoya Fleck Effects collection, flakies with glitter (2 coats on white - top pic) and glitters that remind me of some indie brands (3 coats - middle pic). The consistency can tend towards the thicker side but who can argue with such excellent choices?

So there you have it, my favourite lesser known polish brands. Do you already own any of these polishes or have I convinced you to seek them out?


Thank you so much to Vic for writing this amazing guest post. I have been desperate to get my hands on some beautiful flakies for ages, who knew there were all these amazing brands selling them so cheap! I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for these brands in future. Have any of you guys tried any of these brands before? ♥ Head on over to Glowstars.net and show Vic some love!

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  1. great guest post. these nail colors are all amazing!! :)


    1. Aren't they!! I can't believe so many cheap brands! x

  2. The bright awua and the pink one are my favorites!

    I'm having a $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway on my blog!

    1. My favourite is the flaky :D x

  3. Great post! Love finding out about new things - great colours xx

    1. Me too, I was so surprised by all the brands out there x

  4. These colors look great and being in the US I hadn't heard of any of them. Love the glitter and flashy effects of the green and gold ones :)

    1. They're my favourite too. I've never tried a flaky but I'm so desperate to! x

  5. Replies
    1. I know I'm keeping my eyes peeled for these in future! :P x

  6. I didn't realise George did nail varnishes! The blue glitter polish looks really good :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

    1. Me neither! They look great don't they. I need to get myself to a big ASDA asap! : ) x

  7. all the color are beautiful on you but my favorite is the pink one!! it's too cute :)

    1. I think I'm in love with pretty much every single glitter polish!! :D x


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