Monday, 11 June 2012

Spotty Dotty!

Hey lovelies! Hope you're all having a fab start to the week!

I've been pretty busy over the past week, I had my first beach day of the year at a gorgeous place called Cane Garden Bay. It's a really touristy beach, but it's really pretty and the local bar does $2 cocktails during Happy Hour! Tony and I hung out at the beach for the day then went back to a friends house to have a BBQ later than night.

Dress: Primark // Sunnies: New Look // Headband: Primark // Bracelet (left): One Love

Excuse the creepy smile, the sun was really bright and I had my eyes all squinted together :D The spotty dress I'm wearing is super comfy and perfect for the beach, I got it from Primark in the Easter holiday for only £5. The sunglasses were £4 (buy one get one free) at New Look and the headband was only £1 at Primark - it's so pretty it would be perfect for festival season!

There are a few Rastafarians that live by Cane Garden Bay and can always be found at the beach. One Love has a little shack where he sells towels, t-shirts and handmade jewellery to tourists. Every year I buy a bracelet from him (you can see some of them on my left hand), on my right arm is my newest purchase from One Love - it's a light blue bracelet with a shark tooth and little wooden beads. Reeeeally pretty! The shark tooth is super sharp though and was getting caught in my hair so I've got it on as an anklet instead now.

For the rest of the week we've been doing pretty normal stuff like grocery shopping and taking the German Shepherd (Charlie) to the vet - it was an ordeal going half an hour down the mountains with a giant dog in the back of a tiny car, I had drool all over me!! Saturday morning I left at 8am to help teach little kids swimming for two hours at one of the marinas called Nanny Cay (pronounced Key) - I had so much fun and can't wait for next week, even though it's absolutely exhausting!

I promise to be much better at taking photos this week! What have you all been up to? ♥


  1. Ooooh, jealous jealous jealous I am, lovely pics! You look gorge as always, love the dress :) xx

  2. What a stunning location! so jealous, we have had floods and all sorts over here!
    Love the boats in a row, like little russian dolls!

    1. Floods! What, that's crazy. Sending love and warm weather your way! x

  3. I love all your pretty little outfits, the more i read your posts, the more I'm wishing I was where you were or in the Maldives again.
    Them bracelets are so cute.

  4. I want to go there! now! can I come? :D
    youre such a cutie as always :)


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