Friday, 29 June 2012

St Thomas

Hello! Hope you're all well! St Thomas (also known as Rock City) is part of the US Virgin Islands, but is only a short ferry ride away from Tortola. Tony's sister had been on a school trip this weekend, in St John (also in the USVI) - so we decided to hop on the ferry on Monday and meet her in St Thomas to spend the day there shopping, shopping shopping - and to get our belly buttons pierced (eeeeee!).
Tee: Topshop // Shorts: Topshop // Shoes: Havaianas

I wore a nice loose t-shirt because I knew that my belly would be a little sore afterwards and since it was pastel I decided to pair it with my favourite colour pop shorts!

Once we arrived in St Thomas we took a short taxi ride over to the mall where I had my first ever Wendy's! I thought Wendy's tasted so good, definitely the best fast food I've ever had! After scoffing down yummy lunch we headed straight for the tattoo parlour for Erika and I to have our piercings done. 
 This is extremely nervous laughter...
I was sooooo nervous, so I went first - it hurt a little bit, but it's over so fast it was barely worth all the worrying I did. I felt totally fine while Erika had hers done, then the guy started to read the after care instructions to us and suddenly my vision started to go all black, my hearing went really quiet and I felt so sick and dizzy I knew I had to sit down. The nice guy who did our piercings was so lovely, he gave me a little piece of chocolate and glass of water that had me feel better in no time!
Ta-da! I really like it, I'm glad I had it done even though I nearly fainted!! All of the starter bars were surgical steel (I was hoping for a gold one...) and I chose the light blue/lilac coloured stone - in hindsight I probably should have chosen the peridot stone because that's my birthstone and it matches my ring - but I still really love how this one looks. It's a little sore sometimes but mostly I don't even notice it's there at all.

We all headed straight into K-Mart afterwards and went a bit shopping mad. In the BVI, franchises and chain brands aren't allowed - so there are no stores that aren't locally owned, no familiar fast food restaurants or anything like that. That's one of the things that I absolutely LOVE about the BVI, but it is nice to sometimes get off island and back into the "real world" a little bit. St Thomas is part of the USVI, so it's basically just a mini USA on a tiny island - huge roads, huge buildings, huge everything! 

Tony and Erika always go mad buying loads when we go to St Thomas, because they go for so long without being able to buy so many normal things that a lot of people take for granted - like cosmetics, clothes, videogames and home decor! I was browsing through all of the nail polish - not looking for anything in particular - when I noticed the Essie stand! I nearly pee'd in my pants! I totally forgot I was in the US, so I could buy all of these brands that have been on my wish-list for ages - unfortunately the huge Essie stand was totally empty except for 2 nail polishes, so I bought both. I can't wait to show you guys!

Can you imagine living without franchises and brand stores? What would you miss the most? ♥


  1. Looks lovely over there, jealous of the warm weather. Your piercing also looks really nice, I'm too scared to get it done because belly buttons make me cringe really badly :( haha.

    1. Thank you! Honestly I was so frightened I can't even put it into words, but it's really not as bad as it seems - and I'm a HUGE baby when it comes to this sort of thing xxx

  2. I would find it hard to not be near big brand stores, it is definitely something I think we take for granted.
    The island looks beautiful! Very jealous

    1. Yeah - it's nice to get away every now and then to see some familiar shops and products! x

  3. yay you finally go it done?
    told you it wouldn't be that bad, i wish mine still looked as perfect as yours, mines grown apart slightly so it too loose, keep saying I'll let it heel and do it again.
    Makes a difference traveling by boat instead of the bus.
    Wendys is amazing, never thought they'd have them anywhere else but America.

    p.s you look stunning in the top picture.

    1. Yeah, I'm glad it's over - pretty scary experience haha! But I'm glad I did it too. Tonys cousin Caroline has had hers a while and apparently over time your stomach tries to force out the piercing, which is why it gets all loose and stuff.

      Well the USVI is part of America so it makes sense that they have one in St Thomas! I can't wait to go back and have some more! Thanks so much lovely xxxxx

  4. I really can't imagine living without chain brands, although it would be nice for a while I'd want to go shopping in stores I know and love after a while! xx

    1. Yeah it really is nice to get back to reality for a little while. My recent week in Puerto Rico was a huge shock. 4 days in a row at the mall!! :O xxx

  5. Wow! So much information here I'm almost overwhelmed.
    I love your tee and shorts and shoes and your beautiful long hair.
    We like the food at Wendy's. When they come out with something new on the menu we always hurry and check it out.

    You are so brave to go for the piercing. Joan and I have talked about it. But our belly buttons and the third most sensitive parts of our

    Hubby and a few people in charity shows and people on our short visit to the beach are about all who see our belly buttons, as we vacation in the winter.

    Joan said our bodies already have enough holes to cause us!

    " Can you imagine living without franchises and brand stores? What would you miss the most? ♥"
    You know I never really thought about this. We only Vacation in Switzerland and a few other countries 2 months a year and we are so excited looking at places new to us that we don't think about or miss franchises and brand stores. I know we would miss the fast food places very much.

    I love the ' extremely nervous laughter...' picture. It is so cute.

    I got to go....Thank you so much for the awesome post and beautiful pictures.
    Love, Joann


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