Monday, 23 July 2012

Like, Love, Loathe Linkup #2

Hello! Can't believe it's Monday again already, the weeks are really flying by! Here is my second entry for the Futures weekly link-up! Feel free to join in too!

Thunderstorms - hurricane season is finally showing it's face here in the Caribbean, which means the nightly thunderstorms have begun with gusto. I love the sound of rain pounding on the roof and the large rumbles and cracks of thunder. Storms feel and sound so different here than in the UK!

Beach Parties - this weekend was the Soggy Dollar Bar 7th Annual Beach Party and it was awesome!

Mosquitos - Even though this little guys face in this image actually makes me feel sorry for them, it doesn't change how annoying they are. The nightly rains brings nice moist air that the mosquitos just love, but not as much as they love my fresh English blood to drink!!

What are you liking, loving and loathing this week? ♥



  1. Thanks for linking up :) xo

  2. OMG, people think it's weird but I love thunderstorms too! :)


  3. Wow! that thunderstorm picture is amazing. I am off to Barbados in 3 weeks and it is rainy season so I wonder if I will see one! x x

    1. Barbados is not far from here, so we will be experiencing the same hurricane season! You will DEFINITELY stay through a thunderstorm, they're so regular. You might even experience a hurricane! x

  4. erghh i hated the mosi's, i still seem to have trouble with them over here when it gets warmer.
    have you had any trouble with sand flies or have they left you alone?

    1. mozzies, sandflies, jack spaniels everything. HATE THEM ALL! Hate midges in the UK too, so annoying! x


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