Sunday, 22 July 2012

Purse Friendly 'Tips' - 2 Manicures for £5 #3

Hi Everyone!

I hope you've all had a lovely fortnight since my last post. Those of you in the UK, I feel your pain about the weather, and those outside the UK, I hope you're having a better summer than us! It's my birthday on August 12th so I'm hoping summer is just running late and will be here before then!

I have what I think are two beautiful manis today! One of my failsafe manicures and one of my all time challenges... So onto the polish for my....
Thought I'd make a little banner so my column posts look a bit nicer on the Blogger Dashboard instead of just having a dull photo of what I used!

As always, here's what you'll need:

MUA Shade 12 and 2, Wet'n'Wild White, Revlon Girly

The two MUAs cost £1 each from Superdrug, the Revlon was £1 in Poundland, the Wet'n'Wild white is the same one as last time, 99p on eBay! The sponge is my trusty 50p ASDA car washing sponge, and the brush is from a set I bought on eBay, it was 3 for £1.20 so it worked out at 40p!

First up is my classic manicure with a twist and I've chosen a 2-in-1 mani. This is perfect for if you have two colours you want to wear and can't pick between them. I like to use this idea when I have some untrieds that I'm desperate to use, or to try out colour combinations.

I used MUA Shades 12 and 2, Revlon Girly and my nail art brush for this manicure and here's how you do it.

Step one: Paint on three coats of MUA Shade 12 (pink) and wait for it to dry.
Step two: Paint a stripe of Revlon Girly to the side of your nails.
Step three: Using the nail art brush, paint a thin stripe of MUA Shade 2 (black) over the part of your nail where the pink and purple join.

It's as easy as that, and here is the result!

Classic with a twist! 

This mani got the boyfriend seal of approval so it must be good, he usually refuses to indulge me when it comes to nail polish... I think the colour combination is perfect, the pink is summery, and then the pale purple tones it down in case it's cloudy! You can do this as a half and half if you cover more of your nail with the second colour and paint the stripe down the middle of your nail. I used Girly as an accent colour, so I made sure it covered less than half of my nail.

For my nail art I chose to succeed at something I have never succeeded at before: gradient nails. The Nailasaurus had a great gradient nails tutorial but for some reason I could never get it right, but I adapted it a bit by using a white base and it worked perfectly! It was really easy after all so I thought I'd use it! I promised easy nail art so if this was harder to do, believe me I wouldn't post it!

Step one: Paint on three coats of white polish. I could have used two but I wanted full opacity.
Step two: Take a piece of plastic, foil, cling film, a crisp packet(!) and put a blob of pink and purple right next to each other and blend them together slightly where they join. Blend more for a larger gradient, less for a shorter transition from colour to colour.
Step three: Use the sponge to pick up the nail polish and then place the sponge on your nail. I pressed down and then kind of dabbed the sponge, moving it slightly up and down each time to increase the gradient effect.
Step four: Check all your nails, about two of mine needed a second going over, but generally they looked amazing!

I think the fifth step should go on its own. I looked at this and it reminded me of a sunrise, so I added a couple of birds flying to create an accent nail. This is totally optional!
Step five: If you'd like to add birds, wipe most of the polish off your brush and draw a tiny "V" with straight bits coming off it to form birds.

Here is how it looked:
Please excuse my terrible cuticles, this weather is killing my hands - I need some sun and warmth!

I used topcoat over the gradient because that smoothed out the gritty matte finish, but you can leave it as it is when it's finished if you like it. I use topcoat because then if my son bites my fingers then the polish doesn't come straight off!

It's worth mentioning that I wore this gradient mani for 4 days with no chips, so it's a really good combination! In the end I only took it off to do my classic with a twist manicure!

See you back here in a fortnight, have a great two weeks!

Fay xxx


  1. Love the gradient. Nice accent too!!

    1. Yeah I love the accent & how subtle it is! x

  2. Oh wow, those gradient nails are awesome, such pretty colours :)

    Lisa xx

  3. I love both manis :) and will have to try your version of the gradient soon, I have yet to use the sponging method as no one really explained it well enough so maybe this will help me too :)

    1. I am planning to do a tutorial of doing gradient nails using the sponging method when I get back! So look out for it x

  4. The second mani is gorgeous - I wouldn't expect those two colours to go so well! They're both really cute, love this post :) I'm following you :)

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you enjoyed stopping by! x


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