Thursday, 26 July 2012

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hello my darlings! I finally have a proper post for you to enjoy and this one is all about what I got up to in Puerto Rico. I'm going to be honest, there isn't all that much to tell you because we spent 4 out of 5 days shopping in the huge Plaza Las Americas mall - but I have plenty of photos to show you (just a warning!).

The first thing I did on Tuesday when we got to the mall was buy myself a new camera. I have a review post coming up of my nightmare experience with my previous camera - I am pleased to say though that my new Canon (thanks to a wonderful fellow blogger for the recommendation!) is amaazing to work with! I also bought a snazzy case to go with it.
 I went totally mad in Walgreens over the Essie section and purchased a whole bunch of them. I also got the St Patricks day special flakie on sale. I went from owning no flakies but lusting over them like mad, to owning two in one day!
Outfit Day One - Tee: New Look // Jeans: MOTO @ Topshop (old) // Shoes: Converse // Ring: Dainty Roses 

On Wednesday I didn't really buy anything - Tony did get really excited about this cosmetics brand for men though! :P

Outfit Day Two - Tee: ASOS // Skirt: New Look (old) // Ring: Old Navy // Bracelet: Old Navy 

Wednesday night we drove an hour to Fajardo to go bioluminescent kayaking. I can honestly say this was one of the most amazing experiences I've had to date. I've never been kayaking for a start, and I found that immensely good fun! We paddled up a winding river to get to a big open bay - the further up the river we went, the more the water began to glow when we dipped our paddles in. Once we got into the bay, just popping your fist in the water and swirling it about made it look like you had some magic coming from the palm of your hand. It was SO amazing and I absolutely recommend this activity to anyone!

Thursday was my day for shopping, because we hit the huge two storey Forever 21 store. I am so obsessed with the good quality and price of F21 clothes and the gorgeous items they offer. I've also found that it's the only store where the clothes just seem to fit me just right! I bought those super cute sandals and a bunch of clothes you'll be sure to see in upcoming outfit posts.
Mucking about in Toys'R'Us, Tony found his inner Force :P
Outfit Day Three - Oversized Tee: Forever 21 // Jeans: MOTO @ Topshop (old) // Peeptoes: Red Herring @ Debenhams 

Later that evening, before going for dinner, we hung out by the hotel pool drinking complimentary Margharitas and eating the coolest looking tortilla chips and salsa!
For dinner, we satisfied our sushi obsession with some delicious rolls - all with a Puerto Rican twist. I also got a little bit over excited about all the Sake!

On the final day before our flight back home we decided to spend a day in Old San Juan - a really beautiful part of the city, with original walls and buildings from as early as the 1400s! We wandered round town, had a lovely traditional Puerto Rican tapas lunch and then headed to Castillo de San Cristobal to explore.
 Outfit Day Four - Vest: H&M // Skirt: Forever 21 // Boyfriend: Model's Own :D

On the last day we had some hours to kill between getting checked out of the hotel and going to the airport - so, of course, we headed back to the mall for a little while. I picked up these two super cute pairs of earrings, as well as a nice new ring for Tony, Skrillex's Bangarang EP and a nice comfy new pillow!
Outfit Day Five - Top: Primark // Jeans: MOTO @ Topshop (old) // Shoes: Converse 

I had such a great week and while it was definitely nice to get off the tiny island for a little while, I was certainly glad to be back! So glad, in fact, that I snapped some photos as we were flying back in - excuse the propeller intruding into the photos, we were sat right over them!


  1. Lovely photos :) I'm in love with those wedges!

    Rachael xx

    1. Thanks lovely! I've been wearing them all over! x

  2. Ok I need to know what color polish that is in your ring-modeling pic?! It's so pretty. Your nails look great, too btw. :)

    1. I will be doing a Nails post on it soon I promise! It's Essie Meet me at Sunset with an Essie Lux Effects flakie on top! So beautiful isn't it! x

    2. Oh my goodness I have both of those! Guess I should have throught to combine them. :) It really looks so pretty!

  3. you look like you had lots of fun here.
    love looking through your photo's.
    I'm loving all your outfits to :) so effortless but you look gorge.
    love your forever 21 buys too, the new one has opened at the trafford center.
    I'm dying and i mean dyyyyying to go.
    your wedges are so cute on, i love them.
    loving the shades of essie polishes too, i really need to try these out.

    1. Thanks hun, it was a really great holiday. I still can't wait to go to the new F21, I bet you've been loads now you're only working 5 minutes away! <3 x

  4. thanks for sharing.


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