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Guest Post: Benefit Blushers for Pale Girls

Hi everyone, I’m Sarah and I blog over at Knickers & Nail Polish. My blog is a mix of beauty products, fashion and the ramblings of my inner monologue. I’m a full time primary teacher with a part time interest in fitness and photography. If you like what you read from me then please follow – the madness definitely continues over in my little world. I saw that Rachael was looking for some guest bloggers, so I jumped at the chance!

Recently I’ve been trying to shop my stash more and buy less, this has lead me to rediscover some of my old favourite products from Benefit that live at the bottom of my beauty box. I have quite a large collection of Benefit products as I think they’re really good value for money, and the blush boxes last for ages!

I’m not confident with my makeup application, I have very pale skin and so run the risk with blushers of looking more Coco the Clown than Coco Rocha. However the Benefit colours are great for us paler girls as well as those with more colour – so here are mine:

1. Benefit Coralista – Coralista is a gorgeous peachy coral colour. Its really subtle on the skin, but can be built to give more colour. This is my favourite of the bunch at the moment as I tend to wear it all year round and know that I can’t go wrong with it. It lasts great all day without needing any touch up. There is a hint of shimmer to it but this is so slight that you don’t need to worry about looking like a disco ball.

2. Benefit Bella Bamba – This one is super pigmented and so a really little bit goes a long way. I wear Bella Bamba very lightly on the cheeks and really well blended as I fear the clown look. This one has quite a bit of shimmer to it, but it shouldn’t put you off. A gentle touch is needed with this, so steer clear if you are quite heavy handed!

3. Benefit Hervana – Hervana is the new kid on the block. Its made up of 3 different shades that can be used individually or swirled together. I’ve been reaching for this a lot recently as its quite a fresh shade, something I love. You can build this by adding more, or by picking out the plumy shades and adding them more and using the paler shade as a highlighter.

4. Benefit Benetint
– An oldie but a goodie. I love Benetint, I use it every winter to give my face a bit of colour. I love how the stain goes on and stays on without needing a touch up. You do have to work quickly with this, and really 3 drops is enough to blend in the colour, but you might need to play around with this on your own skin.

5. Benefit Poisetint – Posietint came out a couple of years ago and was the summer version of the Benetint. This is a fresh pinky crème which gives a fallen in love flush. Like the Benetint, you do need to work quite quickly with it or it will dry and is a pain to blend after! But I love this for summer as a highlighter when I have a bit more colour.

All of these products can be bought from Boots or Benefit stores. They retail at £23.50 for the blush boxes and £24.50 for Benetint and Posietint. Although this is a lot, I’ve had the tints for nearly 2 years and still have loads left!

All of these would make a great addition to a pale girls makeup collection! How about you, what are your views on these?

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  1. great post! thanks for the swatches, very helpful :)

  2. I like the look of Coralista, I don't have a coral blusher yet :) xx

    1. I've owned Coralista for over a year and use it religiously, super recommend! x

  3. i absolutely love hervana, it's jut enough colour...i still need to try all the other ones though, i like the look of benetint xx

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