Thursday, 2 August 2012

Birthday Wishlist: Nails

Hello lovelies! As I'm counting down the days to my birthday, and since I'm dreaming of so many bits and pieces right now, I thought I'd split my larger wish-list into mini ones featuring nails, fashion, shoes, books, jewellery, beauty and others!

First up is my current obsession with always having some colour or design on my nails. Though I have a million and one nail paints already, it doesn't stop me wanting more, more, more!
Ciate Caviar Manicure (Black) Image Source
I know that I'm super late on the bandwagon with this one - but it's been one of those things that I'm not 100% sure about. I'd love to give it a try though!
Konad Stamping Plate Image Source
Stamping plates are something I've wanted for a long time, since they're basically an idiot-proof way of getting some amazing nail art patterns on your nails! I've recently received a stamping plate from another brand that I will be reviewing once I return home - but I still want to try out a Konad, as I've heard amazing things about them!
Nfu-Oh Holographic Polish Image Source
I have wanted to get my hands on a holographic nail polish for so long - I can't even explain how much I want one. The effect is amaaazing! I'll literally try any, but the Nfu-Oh bottles are so pretty. I wish they were easier to get hold of in the UK. 
Julep Nail Polish Image Source
I guess I'm more of a sucker for pretty or unusual packaging than I thought - I've been lusting after some Julep nail paints for ages now. The Julep Maven boxes look amazing too, wish I was in the US so I could receive them!
Rainbow Honey Image Source
The nail polish maniac in me has so much love for all things indie and my current obsession in the independent nail polish world is with Rainbow Honey. Again, I suspect this could be another case of the pretty packaging luring me in - but the nail polishes that come inside the cute packets also look pretty awesome, and I'd like to get my hands on... all of them? :P
Chanel Peridot Image Source
Last, but certainly not least, I would LOVE to get my hands on Chanel Peridot. In my Pandora post I mentioned that Peridot is my birthstone and I can't help but love all things that come in that lovely shade of green. Of course, this is no exception and I'm going to own it one day!

What do you think of my birthday nails wishlist? Would any of these be on your list? ♥


  1. I know, its such a contagion haha I'd love to try caviar mani too <3

    1. I really want to get my hands on one! x

  2. I love this post!!
    I have a few NFU.Oh polishes, they're so nice. Seriously lusting after that holo one now though..
    Oh my poor wallet!


    1. Ahh I'm jealous! I want some Nfu-Oh so bad! x

  3. Lovely wishlist. I am also craving the ciate caviar. I had something similar to the Nfu-Oh holographic polish but in purple. Was so lovely <3

  4. LOVING this post! Really appeals to the nail lover in me!!!

    Ciate Caviar nails are super easy to copycat, in fact, my next guest post may or may not feature a lookalike for under £5 (of course!) So if you don't want to shell out £18 then stay tuned!

    Konad = AMAZING, defo get some, I got my stamper and some plates on eBay!

    As for the holographic nail polish, I don't know whether you own the original, but GOSH Holographic was just re-released on the 1st August under the name Holographic Hero, woohoo! Nfu-Oh is all well and good, but so expensive... £5 for GOSH is amazing.

    Julep and Rainbow Honey (especially RH) are on my need list... Why can't I be in America!

    Chanel Peridot... Swoon... Luckily I own OPI Just Spotted the Lizard which is a dead on dupe. Our very own Topshop has a dupe too, Hidden Treasure. I want Peridot for the name (fellow Leo here) but can't justify the price when there are cheaper alternatives! xxx

    1. I know you can get the little caviar balls on ebay and copy the look but I'm too lazy! Haha I have never tried a Ciate polish either, so it would kill two birds with one stone! :P

      Ahh I can't wait to try! I don't know what brand are the plates that I have, but I'm looking forward to using them for sure!

      I have also been lusting after GOSH holo since forever and didn't know they'd made it again!! Eeek!

      Same sentiment with the Julep and Rainbow Honey. I'd kill for a Julep Maven subscription, I want to collect all of their beautiful polishes!

      Yeah that's the only reason I want peridot too! Leos unite! x

  5. I love the rainbow honey packaging!so cute!
    I'm the same with you on the ciate nail polish, I want to try it but I'm unsure!

    1. I have a feeling that I won't like the ciate caviar nails - the look of them is a bit too weird for me, but it won't hurt to try! x


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