Monday, 13 August 2012

Like, Love, Loathe Linkup #4

Happy Monday! Hope you've all had a good weekend, I've been trying my best to make the most of my last few days in the BVI. I've got a handful of posts for you today - I posted about the August blog hop late last night, so you should check that out if you haven't already - also keep your eyes peeled for another post coming later on! A quick reminder too - my special summer giveaway is ending in 2 days so don't miss out! Now here's my linkup with Futures of likes, loves and loathes of the last week!

Being spoiled - it was my birthday on Friday and I was lucky enough to get totally spoiled by all of my friends here. Tony bought me two beautiful recycled glass necklaces, his mama paid for my birthday meal, cake and an open bar for all our friends, I received an unexpected bouquet of flowers from some of Erika's (Tony's sister) friends and I got a gorgeous Swarovski necklace from one of Tony's mums friends too. I was also over the moon at how many people came out to celebrate my birthday with me (over 25 people came to the meal alone!). I literally had the best day and felt so loved even though I was missing my family terribly. I can't wait to get back to them in the UK now to be spoiled even more! ;)

Puppies - Tony has 3 gorgeous Pomeranians (Cocoa, Rudy & Momo) and a big, clumsy German Shepherd called Charlie. Momo is my puppy and I love her so much - I've been giving her extra cuddles this week because I know that once I fly home I might not see her again for another year! I will miss her so much. I've also been giving all of the other doggies lots of love too - especially Charlie, she's so big and clumsy but is the most loving German Shep you can ever imagine!

Saying goodbye - It's my last day on Tortola this year and I'm going to miss it loads! I won't be seeing Tony's mum, sister, the puppies and most of our friends for what could be another year :( I also won't see Tony for almost a month - he will be staying here at home and only flying back a few days before term starts. I hate this time of year and it doesn't get easier, even after we've done it a bunch of times. I will miss this daft bugger a lot.

What are your likes, loves and loathes this week? ♥



  1. Saying goodbye is the worst ever... Its not nice at all :(
    And those puppies are the cutest!

    I'm glad you had such a great birthday! It's amazing when you have so many people that care to share it with you! <3

    CAT xo

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment :) Everyone was crying when I had to leave, including me!! :( I miss my little Momo!!


  2. aww lovely photos! I hope you had a brilliant birthday, Rach!


    1. Thank you Hannah! I definitely did! :) x

  3. Glad to hear you had a lovely birthday!
    You won my giveaway, I emailed you so if you could reply ASAP I'll get your prize posted! :)


  4. Aww it sounds like you had a lovely birthday, can't wait to see the necklace tony bought you.
    Hope you had the best day.
    Those doggies are beyond adorable, I always wanted a Pomeranian,
    Such a shame you have to wait a whole year, but it will be so worth it lovely.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment chick! He bought me two and I managed to leave one of them behind :( I have to wait until september to get it now!! x

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Rachael! I'm sure one year will fly by and you'll see all the amazing people again soon;-)))

  6. Wow it looks like you had an amazing birthday, how cute were all those messages!!
    The puppies look TOO adorable :)
    Hopefully the time will go super quick so then you get to see Tony again soon lovely.
    Lots of love

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment! I did have a great birthday! x


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