Friday, 14 September 2012

Back to School with Barratts*

Don't you sometimes wish you could go back to that exciting day each September, when it was time to go out and buy a brand spanking new pair of shoes ready for school? I used to love shopping for my new school shoes - I chose really carefully, because I knew they'd have to last all year.

I felt like taking a walk down memory lane and doing some back to school shoe shopping - but this time I'm doing it University style with Barratts Shoes Online! I literally spent days scouring the massive collection of shoes that Barratts offers to pick out my top choices for this term! I'm a bit fussy when it comes to shoes, I'm super particular about the size and shape, prefer a more classic look to anything a bit wild - so expect round toes, classic heels and beautiful shoes that will make you look effortless all semester!
I'm a sucker for a girly ballet flat and I always go for plain old black ones. As soon as I saw these I knew they had to be mine! The blue colour is bold enough for me, but still works with most of my very same-coloured wardrobe, and I absolutely adore the bow detail on the front! These would definitely be my go to shoes for class each day!

I've been after a pair of nude heels for the longest time, I think I would wear them on almost every night out if I could (if I ever get a night off work, it's so ironic that I'm in a club til 3am every night but I'm not partying!) and they'd be perfect match for practically any ball gown. I really couldn't decide whether to go for patent or not but knowing what I'm like I'd just buy both anyway, *just in case*!!

I think these statement heels are fabulous! I especially love the blue/green colour on top. I've been dreaming up many an outfit around these shoes - might actually have to treat myself on payday! :D

Judging by how things look outside the window, I'd say winter is definitely here - and all I ever want to do this time of year is throw on my Ugg boots, or a thick pair of socks and my Hunters. Now, they aren't the most glamorous of footwear, but these wedges are perfect! The black furry ones would be great for daytime - class, coffee with friends, running errands - I'm a sucker for a bit of cozy fur around my toes! I think the tan wedges are perfect to take from a meal with friends onto a night out on the town, I am seriously in love with them!

Speaking of wedges, they are my new favourite practical but super sexy footwear of choice for a night on the tiles - and how beautiful are these two. I think the black wedges are pretty self explanatory - to me they are like the LBD of shoes, can't live without them! I think the red ones are my boldest choice of all - I don't usually ever go for open toe shoes, but I just can't get over how beautiful they are, I really must own them!

What do you think of my choices? Do you make a back to school shoes list for uni? What would you chose from the Barratts website? ♥

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  1. love those statement heels and im a firm believer that black wedges (like the ones up there) are a necessity. they're so comfortable and go with everything!

    1. Black wedges are the gods of the shoe world. I can't get enough of them! x

  2. All of these shoes are gorgegeous, but I'm in love with those blue flats. I'd totally wear them.

  3. I really like both the blue ballet flats (the bow is adorable) and the fluffy ankle boots - they would be so snug for everyday wear in Winter!


    1. Yeah I really wish I'd taken the plunge and bought the ankle boots! x


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