Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday Find #5

Hello ladies. I've had the sort of week that you probably couldn't even write about without it sounding ridiculous, but now things are all settling down - my classes start on Monday so I'm hopefully getting back into a normal routine. I have so much housekeeping that needs to be done both on my blog and in real life, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all, hopefully I can get back on track soon!

I haven't done much interneting this week, but luckily I saved up a Friday Find from last week! Sally and Jane are two twins who run a great blog and Etsy shop! They sell some fabulous vintage inspired quote posters, and the most gorgeous purses I've seen!

I really want one of the chevron purses! The one with neon stipes is fab :) Do you love them too?♥



  1. I'd love a house one day with big airy rooms and lots of wall space so I could put up prints like these :)


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