Saturday, 29 September 2012

Review: 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

Hello girlies - today I've got a review of the Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream* by 100% Pure which was kindly sent to me by my lovely sponsors
On the packet, this product seems absolutely amazing - looking at the ingredients list it's literally 100% natural with berries, leaves and what not. I initially used the product for about 2-3 days and experienced fantastic results. I have relatively dark circles under my eyes most times and this stuff really helped make me look fresh and awake each morning.
I found that the pump needed to be pressed so, so lightly to get the right amount of product out - the tiniest amount went a long, long way. I applied this each evening before I went to sleep.

But on day four... (my Facebook dears will have seen these scary photos already!)
...I woke up with a VERY swollen and lumpy face (it looked much worse in real life). This went down after about 2 days or so and I was left with dry, red, itchy skin all over my face for nearly 2 weeks. Regular exfoliation made this all go away eventually and did leave the softest skin I've ever felt underneath BUT it itched like mad for a week.

Unfortunately, I am allergic to a whole host of things and have very sensitive skin (which is why I usually stick solely to Simple products on my face) - so I wouldn't imagine this would happen to everyone who used the product which actually worked SO well for me for the first two days. It's such a shame too because it smells delicious and it definitely worth the $18 I paid for it.

Has anyone else ever heard of 100% Pure products? ♥


  1. OMG I have such sensitive skin too so I completely understand where you are coming from, you must have gotten such a fright when you realised :(

    Thank god it clearly up!! Oh and thanks for being so honest most bloggers would have said it was great as they are afraid to write a bad review!

  2. oh no! what a shame... glad, it wasn't a more serious reaction! :) x

  3. Oh my, what a shame!
    I must say, I admire your optimism! If a product did this to me, sensitive skin or no sensitive skin, I would NOT say it is worth the money! xx

  4. So sorry you were allergic to it! The whole coffee bean eye cream thing sounded exquisite. Unfortunately, I am very sensitive when it comes to things like that as well, and it's for that reason that I probably won't try this out myself. It's a shame, really, because it seemed like such a great product otherwise.

  5. Hi Rachael!
    Such a shame you had a reaction. Have you heard of Savonnerie London? They are completely 100% natural, free from Parabens and SLS. All packing can be 100% recycled too! They have been tried and tested with many people who suffer with eczema and who suffer from allergies. Once people try them they always go back!
    You should definitely have a look!
    I recommend Cedar soap or the all natural which is just shea butter and olive oil!

    Let me know what you think! I love them!

    Erica xo

  6. Oh, no! I would think that with more natural products like 100% Pure, this kind of thing wouldn't happen :/ Glad I didn't buy it now! I'm glad your reaction wasn't more severe xoxo

  7. Uh oh!
    Have you tried Pai? I think it may be a solution for your sensitive skin. Try reading about their ethics and ingredients, it's amazing. I don't work for them, don't worry :) I just recently discovered the brand and I'm loving it so far, and their customer service is amazing. I got advice from the founder of the brand, even :)
    Pai Skincare - Organic Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

  8. I also had an allergic reaction to 100% Pure eye cream. I was just recovering to an allergic reaction (this whole allergic reaction thing is new to me, btw) to some Bobbi Brown cosmetics (could have been one of five things- makeup remover, eye cream, corrector, concealer, or finishing powder). My eyes swelled up really bad (like yours in the photo) and so I put nothing but my normal lotion on for a couple of days. Last night my skin felt dry so I put on a little bit of the 100% Pure eye cream. I had a tiny bit of swelling when I woke up, but mostly my skin is itchy. I wish I knew which ingredient(s)I am allergic to! Do you have any idea which ones you are allergic to?

  9. oh my appreciate you sharing this on your blog, rach! I've been into 100% pure lately and it's good to be aware of such information first hand. My skin is also rather sensitive so it's like a prep if anything happens at least I don't freak out!

  10. Hi Rachael! Thanks for your post. I am in the middle of a very similar reaction to their purist line! My eyes/face have swelled up considerably and I am on benadryl/steroids to calm it all down. I was told by the doctor that their ingredient list is "impossible" and there is no way to figure out which ingredient I reacted to. Gah.


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