Monday, 29 October 2012

For Sale - Missguided Bralet

Hello darlings! Sorry I've been a bit MIA, I had a really big essay due this week so I've been a complete recluse - then it was Raisin weekend which is always far too crazy! Finally I'm back and life is starting to look relatively normal (not that it's been all that normal for me these days!)

I've just got a quick post today because I'm selling this absolutely gorgeous bandeau from Missguided. It was a bit of an impulse buy because I thought it was so so pretty, but I know in all honestly I'd never have the guts to actually wear it! I haven't taken the tags off it yet, it's a size 12 and I bought it for £24 so I'm selling it for £20 incl postage (UK ONLY). It comes with detachable straps so you can wear it with, or without! Email me if you're interested - it'll go to whoever gets in touch with me first :)


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