Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Sweet Club Subscription Box

I've considered subscription boxes of all shapes and sizes over the last few years - but none of them have ever really seemed worth it to me, until now! I can't imagine a more perfect subscription than getting to pick a whole bunch of sweets and getting them delivered to my door on a regular basis! The Sweet Club kindly sent me one of their boxes* to try out and I have to say I absolutely loved it.
They have a massive selection and you get to choose 8 for your box - the packs you get are pretty big, these all lasted me a few weeks and got me through a fair amount of shifts at work - plus I became everyone's bestie bringing sweeties in all the time!!  Once you've chosen your 8, you can either sign up for a fortnightly or monthly subscription - you can change what you get sent each time, or just receive a random selection!
I just wish they did one off boxes, these would make amazing gifts! Especially for the super reasonable price of just £9.95 a month (free delivery too!)

Check out The Sweet Club website to find out more!


  1. this is so my type of box subscription! x

  2. Oh my gosh this is definitely my kind of monthly box!

    A subscription will also make a really good Christmas present for my brother this year - so thanks so much for the link hun! :-D


  3. OMG this is amazing! :O cause you always hear about those beauty subscription boxes but never a sweet one!! I WANT THIS!! I will definatly be giving this a check! :D
    Sofia x

  4. oh wow, soooo jealous.. I need this box in my life!! ;)

  5. This is pretty cool but would make me eat way more sweets than I should! x

  6. What a fab idea for a new twist on the whole monthly subscription box concept. I definitely have a sweet-tooth so I would love this to pop through my letterbox once a month :)Mmmm rhubarb and custard! Yum!

    Adele xx

  7. Wow this could be very dangerous for me! It's a very cute idea. :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. wow, these look amazing, I'm definetely checking this website out for xmas pressie idea's.

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