Saturday, 6 October 2012

Unemployee of the Year

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This is definitely a bit of a rare and unusual post, compared to those you're used to seeing on here - but it's something that is quite important to me, especially as I'm in my final year of university.

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The United Colours of Benetton through the UNHATE Foundation have launched the Unemployee of the Year campaign in order to try and support the growing number of unemployed youths across the globe. The aim is to change perceptions of unemployed young people and try to sustain 100 projects submitted from all over the world. 

As a student at the best university in Scotland, I should be able to rest easy assuming that I'll graduate and walk right into a job - but it's becoming clearer over the last few years that it really couldn't be further from the truth. I know that if I don't go away and do a masters after this, my degree will be, pretty much, of no use to me. Most of my friends graduated last year, and only a few of them have managed to get themselves into the working world already. My best friend has completed her masters and is absolutely despairing over the lack of availability of decent jobs available. It's really frustrating!

The Unemployee of the Year project wants to change the negative stereotype of unemployed young people into a positive one and close the gap between the generations - just because someone is unemployed, doesn't mean they're not an amazing young person with heaps of potential.

Have you come across the Unemployee of the Yeah campaign? Are you currently over-qualified, but unemployed? Are you struggling to find a job without higher education, but know you've got the skills and talents to do amazing things? ♥


  1. I graduated this year and am taking a gap year with the intention of saving for my MA next year. So far i have been unable to find work (even though i haven't told them of my plan to potentially return next year. So far i have applied for loads of jobs with no success. I have had three interviews with no offers. I am defiantly over-qualified. It is really frustrating for me. I have a 2.1 in English Literature from a very prestigious university yet i feel i am in the same position as i was when i was 16.

  2. This rings a bell for me too.
    I graduated from university this year with a 1st, have quite a bit of part-time work experience from over the years, and yet still can't find a 'proper' job.
    It's seriously demoralising stuff, especially when we think about how much money we've put in to get those (seemingly useless) qualifications to begin with.

    Love, Elise xx


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