Friday, 30 November 2012

Getting your hair to be just right*

Hair straighteners are an essential part of any would-be fashionista’s wardrobe and can really help to get just the right ‘look’ with proper application and care. Whether you’re actually going for straight, neat hair all over, dealing with some untidy bits and pieces or just want to craft out a particular section of your hairline, GHD straighteners can help considerably.
So, what makes them so effective at what they do? It used to be the case that steam and aluminium plates were the main factors to achieve straight hair, which wasn’t particularly the most efficient method. GHD were among the first to realise that the careful development and use of ceramic plates would not only help the process be smoother (ceramic being less likely to snag than other kinds of materials) but also because it was simply better at conducting heat through the hair.

GHD also managed to standardise the heat distribution across their straighteners to the extent that there were very few or no ‘hot spots’ in the irons, not only improving safety but helping to keep the performance of the straighteners at a high and satisfactory level. On a similar note, the acquisition and maintenance of temperature was something done expertly by GHD, compared to competitors whose irons took several minutes to heat and then lost temperature very quickly.

Modern straighteners have extra features now, as well. A ‘sleep mode’ on certain models means you can always come back to straightening if something else interrupts you, and cords are now designed to be as accommodating and flexible as possible.

If you feel like getting yourself some straighteners, you can get GHD from Terence Paul who are a leading online retailer.


  1. I don't have a ghd straightener, but I love my ceramic straightener, especially because it lets me very precisely set the the temperature.

  2. Hi Rachael,
    Good post. I will check out the GHD. We go to the Beauty Shop but I can see where a GHD would be a big help.
    Love, Joann


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